Is this a human job?!

“Blast away the troublemakers!”
Dean is not afraid,And Lin Zhihao staring at each other,Issued such an order。
Twenty security guards carrying electric batons,Push Chen Fei and Lin Zhihao back step by step。
Electric crackling,Lin Zhihao couldn’t help but feel a little guilty。
The most annoying is,I bribed the dean,Can’t shake it out。
Once this matter is made public,That for my own reputation,Lin Group,Are a heavy blow。
Those five million,It’s probably hard to come back。
Under the urgency of a security guard,The two were pushed out of the hospital。
A few people don’t want to delay,Immediately pushed Lin Zhiqiang to the operating room,Ready to start surgery。
——In front of the operating room
A line of security stood outside the door,Keep Strange’s safety anyway。
“Qin Shi,Can it work。”
Zhang Man walked around nervously at the door of the operating room,Asked flusteredly。
After all, surgery is done from the head,I can barely make ends meet now,Although the level of intelligence has returned to the level of a child。
I’m afraid that if the operation fails,The result is worse than it is now,even.
Zhang Man couldn’t even think about it。
“no problem,He started by studying medicine,The best is brain。”
Qin Shi comforted Zhang Mandao。
indeed,When Strange was not famous,Just do brain surgery,Was only a teenager,And saved countless brain trauma patients。

But he never thought that his appearance would have an impact on himself,In other words, wherever Long Liang goes, he will be eye-catching,Just because he has two burly bodyguards,It’s easy for others to see that his identity is not simple。

So since he entered the hospital,Since he entered the ward,Many people have seen this scene,Some people are also guessing the origin of this guy,Who is it。
Of course,Everyone has noticed,Which ward did this person come from?,I heard that there is a vegetative lying in that ward,Everyone is still impressed。
Because there are a lot of people in this ward recently,There will be so many from time to time,Everyone has,There are students and white-collar workers,There are some people who seem to be quite rich。
Including the guy with two burly bodyguards just now。
Everyone is guessing who is lying in this ward,How can it affect so many people??Is it possible that someone is powerful。
Everyone is guessing,Of course they don’t know,but,Someone knows,There is a doctor not far away frowning slightly,Looking at the direction where Long Liang and others are leaving,do not know why,He thinks this person is not good,So he decided,I have to tell Brother Huang Lei this news。
When playing games with Brother Huang Lei two days ago,It just happened that the two of them talked about it,Brother Huang Lei was lying in the hospital,And he is just the fresh graduate this year,Be an intern here。
Chapter Thirty Three Don’t know the rich
“You said someone came to me,The opponent also brought two burly bodyguards?”
at night,Huang Lei finally finished what he should do for the day,Ready to enjoy,Have a rest,But at this moment someone is looking for him,Is a friend of his。
Known in the game。
He has an impression,Because this man works in the hospital where he is lying,Is an intern,Seems to be orthopedic。
“Yes,Brother Huang Lei has two bodyguards,The kind with a particularly burly body,Seems to have spent a lot of money,So the person who came to see you should be quite rich,He should be the son of a big company,Anyway, a rich second generation,Because this person’s complexion is not good at all,I can feel his teeth gnashing from the ward……”
Liu Qun thinks it is necessary to tell Huang Lei about this。

After the elevator reaches the 18th floor,What surprised Wang Yufei,As soon as the elevator door opens,Entering the eye is the brand of Imagination Technology。

When the two walked into the self-sensing glass door,Sit under the signOLThe pretending young female front desk has stood up。
“Hello,Is there anything wrong with the two visiting?”
Has that smell。
This reminds Wang Yufei when he went to Apple to meet with Cook,The scene I saw。
A qualifiedCEO,Sure enough, the company’s grade can be improved qualitatively。
But it can face the company door directly to the elevator door,Probably this whole floor has been rented by Ge Lingyue?
Sure enough, women spend money,Most of them will not be soft。
“Hello there,I made an appointment with Mr. Ge。”Wang Yufei answered。
“President Ge?President Ge didn’t seem to tell me that he had an appointment this morning?Ok,She is in a meeting now,Why don’t you wait?”
Wang Yufei thought for a while,Silently watch the company’s senior meeting,Seems to be able to quickly confuse company employees,Then he said straightforwardly:“Oh,So be it,Go talk to Mr. Ge,Let’s watch the meeting。”
“Ok?Will Ge always be yours?”A bit embarrassed at the front desk。
“Don’t be afraid,Tell President Ge,His name is Wang Yufei,I want to attend a meeting, Ge never blames you。Speaking of,He can now rely on you Mr. Ge to make money to support him?”Lu Yuxin helped Wang Yufei introduce a sentence。
This sentence shocked the little sister at the front desk。

Since Zi Ji was the first to introduce this soul bone。That proves that the value of the other two spirit bones is definitely not too bad。

“This soul bone was presented to the Lord by the Scarlet King,Two hundred thousand years of hell three-headed dog skull。”Zi Ji introduced。Such a soul bone even if she is a little moved。After all, the 200,000-year-old soul beast is already extremely strong,She hasn’t reached 300,000 years yet。
“Two hundred thousand years?”Zhao Ming surprised。It seems that the Scarlet King has lost his blood。This should be the result of a powerful clan member of his race who fell and stayed behind during the 200,000-year catastrophe.。
Two hundred thousand soul bone,Dare he say,There may be,But there are only one or two at most。And it’s almost impossible to have the 200,000-year-old three-headed dog skull in Ziji’s hands with good quality。
“This piece is prepared by Ditian for the Lord,One Hundred Thousand Years Black Dragon Right Arm Bone。Because Ditian’s clans are scarce,So he asked me to say sorry to the Lord on his behalf。”Brigitte whispered。
“Nothing。I know all about their black dragon clan。”Zhao Ming nodded。Ditian and their Black Dragon clan are second only to the Dragon God among the dragon soul beasts, as well as the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon.,The value of this 100,000-year-old black dragon’s right arm bone is not even worse than that of the two-hundred-year-old three-headed dog skull.。
One Hundred Thousand Years of Dark Golden Direclaw Bear Metacarpal Bone。
Two hundred thousand years of hell three-headed dog skull。
One hundred thousand years old black dragon right arm bone。
Every soul bone is a peerless treasure,If you release the news,The whole continent is going to go crazy。
After all in Douyi,Titan and Azure are both powerful soul beasts they recognize,They must have never seen the soul bone produced by this peerless beast。Even if Wuhun Temple knows these fierce beasts in the core area,I don’t have the guts to hunt the soul beast。
after all,A single emperor can blast a thousand Daoliu。
Plus many other beasts,The title Douluo of Wuhun Palace is here,Can’t please。

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First452chapter Skater boy
After some hard work and adjustment,Su Luo gradually found that feeling,Soon be able to be like Wang Ruodan,Glide around easily。</p>
Feel very good,Su Luo slid back on the skateboard,Wang Ruodan stared at him with a look of monsters。</p>
Staring at him,Open road:“Sister Luo Dan。Why are you looking at me like this,Although I know I’m so handsome。”</p>
Wang Ruodan rolled his eyes,Really thick-skinned,She said:“Have you ever played skateboard before?”</p>
“No cherry”Su Luo shook his head neatly,Tao:“Never touched this thing,This is the first time。”</p>
“so smart。”Wang Ruodan was a little shocked,She was used to this skateboard,But it took a lot of time,that’s it,Also praised and rewarded by professional teachers。</p>
Su Luo like this,People are more popular than dead。</p>
And it looks like,Not like a lie,Wang Ruodan got hit a bit。</p>
Su Luo looked at her a little excited,Tao:“Is this skateboarding difficult?”</p>
Wang Ruodan covers his face,Then forced myself to calm down,Squeezed a smile out:“Not difficult,Not difficult at all。”</p>
Su Luo nodded,This sport is indeed not difficult at all,As long as you control your balance,Everything will happen。</p>
Subsequently,Teacher He, they all went up and tried,unfortunately,Every one can do like Su Luo。</p>

“mom——This will really spoil him,What children are really used to。”Xia Jihan frowned and said。

“OK OK。Go upstairs and see what Master Guan is doing?Baby, just leave it alone。”Guan Yao urged Xia Jihan to go upstairs。
Zhou Yue said with a smile:“Sister Xiaoxia,You just accept it,Now it can’t be spent as an education fund.。”
Yang Xue also said:“Just,When Education Fund。We only give him now,If you don’t have it in the future。”
Xia Jihan is bitter,She does not care about her loved ones,But in the long run,The baby does develop bad habits。She has dimly realized that this family will give unlimited love to the baby,Even unconditional,I can’t help but have a faint worry。
At this moment,Close the square and open the door,Holding the unopened packaging box,Said in frustration:“look,Why is this child spoiled?,I have never seen such a sensible child。Afraid of mother being upset,The baby won’t take it apart。”
326Xia Jihan’s worry
Everyone praised。Grandma immediately picked up the baby behind grandpa,Kissed his cheek and said:“Good grandson,Good grandson,Why are you doing this、So promising?”
Guan Yao took the baby from his mother’s arms,Said:“Good nephew,Good nephew,Why are you doing this、So sensible?”
Guan Zhengfang said:“Just,What a child,I live so old,Traveled all over China,I’ve never seen such a reasonable child!”
Xia Jihan really lost her temper when she heard it,They are about to lift the baby to the sky!She sat down on the sofa frustrated。
Zhou Yue secretly smiled at her covering her mouth,And made a mischievous face。As a baby,What mom doesn’t allow,He won’t do,This is normal。But in the eyes of the whole family,How come it’s like this?

“Then we reconcile。”

Shen Ruoxue probably feels enough,So once Shen Ruoxi finished saying these few words,She said to Liu Xiaoyun again cheeky,An innocent and innocent look。
“I just want to answer you one word!You should know which word I want to answer you?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s expressionless answer。
“of course I know,You want to answer me and say yes。”
Shen Ruoxue continued to say innocently。
“Do not,I want to answer your word is go!”
Liu Xiaoyun answered unceremoniously。
“sister!Look at her scolding me!She let me go!Woo woo……”
Shen Ruoxue immediately complained to Shen Ruoxi and the others。
“Row,You guys continue,Then we won’t disturb you few。”
Shen Ruoxi also replied blankly。
Except Yang Shiyun,No one in the Shen family can truly“Suppress”I have to live with Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,This is an unavoidable reality,Disobey Shen Ruoxi’s orders,It depends on the mood of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun……But basically it depends on Shen Ruoxue’s mood,Because Liu Xiaoyun is usually in a good mood now。

He even has an idea:Don’t go in early and don’t go in late,I chose to enter this time,Did this kid go against Lao Tzu on purpose?!

Even he knows this kind of thinking is nonsense,When the opponent can’t score。
just……The timing of this goal is indeed too bad!
Before this game starts,He once contacted Manager Dong,Hope to finalize the contract after this game。
And Dong Wen did not give him a clear play style,Just talk after the game。
He was very firm in his judgment,I didn’t force Dong Wen again,But agreed。
But now look,Dong Wen may also be waiting to see Hu Lai’s performance in the game before making a decision……
Thought of here,He turned his head and cast his gaze in the direction of the podium。
over there,Sitting with Dong Wen, general manager of Flash Star Club。
When the team overtakes the score,Dong Wen stood up from his position,Applaud。
at this time,He seems to have a feeling,Looking back to his right rear box。
But he quickly looked away,Continue to watch Hu Lai, who celebrated his goal in the field,With a smile on his face。

Fan Wenliang also asked about their physical condition,Told him to be mentally prepared for his wife’s illness,Wang Jiadong nodded and said yes,At the end,Fan Wenliang did not involve Peng Changyi going to the party school,Wang Jiadong can’t sit still,Then asked:“I’ll ask you something,Peng Changyi is going to the Central Party School to study,Do you know?”

Fan Wenliang laughed,Say:“Jiadong,You are an old organization,How can I forget the nature of the organization??This is the responsibility of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee,You say how can i not know?Is the one I personally finalized,What did he tell you?”
When Wang Jiadong heard it, Fan Wenliang made the decision,His heart relaxed a little,Said:“Don’t hide,The kid hasn’t even talked to me yet,Lu Hua told me just now。”
“Oh,Did he just receive the notice?”Fan Wenliang asked。
Wang Jiadong says:“It is said to be,Lu Hua said he was called by Jin An to talk after get off work,Just called him,Ask him to inform the team members,Standing Committee tomorrow。”
Fan Wenliang said dissatisfiedly:“What happened,The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee notified Jin’an on Monday,Why did you just communicate to me?Then he won’t have much time to arrange work。”
Fan Wenliang paused,Speak slowly:“Jiadong,What did you hear?Do you have other discussions?”
Wang Jiadong said helplessly:“Old leader,You don’t know,I don’t even leave the door now,I can’t even hear anything。I judged from Lu Hua’s tone,Some people even include Peng Changyi’s own views on this study。”
Fan Wenliang said:“You don’t tell me every day,Let me find a chance to cultivate him?I did suggest it this time,Changyi has done a good job these years,I also had the idea of sending him out to study so that he could be fully promoted,Just didn’t make up his mind,Then something happened,I decided to let him go to the party school to study。”
According to Fan Wenliang’s temper,Speaking of which,Shouldn’t Wang Jiadong continue to ask?,But he wants to understand the ins and outs of this matter,So bit the bullet and asked:“What happened?”
Fan Wenliang not only did not blame Wang Jiadong for his carelessness,Instead smiled,Speak slowly:“Jiadong,You are all concerned about your disciple!”
Wang Jiadong laughed too,Said:“He is not my disciple now,It’s yours,I can’t reach him long ago,My task was completed a few years ago,He wants to improve,Only by a leader like you,Besides, my current identity。”
Fan Wenliang said:“See you,I didn’t say anything,it is good,Tell you all,But only if you know……”
Wang Jiadong says:“do not worry,I won’t say。”
then,Fan Wenliang told Wang Jiadong about the preliminary appointment and removal decision made by the Jinan Municipal Party Committee to Peng Changyi last week.。Fan Wenliang said:“After receiving this report from the Jin’an Municipal Party Committee, I made a call with Shao Yu,Shao Yu said that it was Comrade Yue Xiao who suggested that Peng Changyi be the head of the Environmental Protection Bureau,Because the EPA has received a yellow card warning from the State Environmental Protection Administration,The pollution problem of Jin’an Pearl Lake has reached a very serious level。Peng Changyi has always been a firefighter in Jin’an politics,Peng Changyi is indeed daring and good at fighting tough battles,That’s why the Standing Committee decided to transfer Peng Changyi to the Environmental Protection Agency。Shao Yu told me about this situation,Said Comrade Yue Xiao said,Comrade Peng Changyi was the cadre mentioned by Minister Fan during his stay in Kangzhou,We want to focus on using。I thought this was very interesting,Talk to Shao Yu now,Don’t move this cadre for now,Provincial Party Committee Organization Department has arrangements,Just listen to the notice。”
Fan Wenliang finally said:“Based on my understanding of Yue Xiao,He probably saw Changyi come to me,Just have‘Focus on using’This said,You have done organization work all your life,Should understand the mystery。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Yes,I know。”
Fan Wenliang said:“That’s it,If you still don’t understand,Just ask。”

Murong Shan turned her face to Chen Hao and Song Min behind her。

“I think it’s OK,Hahahaha……”
Chen Hao immediately agreed with a smile。
Song Min only smiled and said nothing,This girl started again“High-end atmosphere”Continues to be her iceberg goddess。
“What are you doing?The collective wants to rebel, right??Everyone is delicious at night, right?”
Shen Ruoxi started to pretend to be a big tail wolf。
“Just eat less with you just now,cut。”
Murong Shan responded more contemptuously than Shen Ruoxi。
“Strange,Did you just watch me supervise how much I ate while eating??”
Shen Ruoxi asked provocatively。
“Should I watch and supervise you??Hear you eating by the side and groaning,Hahahaha……”
Murong Shan took the opportunity to sarcasm Shen Ruoxi again,Of course it was purely joking,Shen Ruoxi never hums anytime he eats,Even starved to death,She would never be so boring。
“You just groaned,you are a pig!”
Shen Ruoxi started to fight back immediately。
Chen Hao thinks that she and Shen Ruoxi look pretty and lovely,Thought to myself:What happened to this girl today?I really enjoyed myself so much after dinner?
Not only Chen Hao wondering,Song Min was actually wondering,Mainly because it has been a long time since Shen Ruoxi has been so active,Rare。
Girls’ emotions are always unpredictable,They can become depressed without doing anything,Of course, you can also become happy without any reason,Murongshan, Chen Hao and Song Min should have understood this。
But joking with Murongshan and dare to say that Murong is really“pig”of,Shen Ruoxi is definitely the first person in the world!Even Qin Liang who doesn’t care about anything,I never joked with Murong Shan like this!You know that Murong Shan is a real superstar in the entertainment industry,The kind of rank with countless fans。
“Let’s be reasonable?Our family knows:One of Xiaoxue’s many nicknames is Shen Xiaozhu,You are her sister,Then of course you are also a pig。”
Murong Shan was talking nonsense seriously。