“Invite me to Jingxin Pavilion,is there anything?I have more important things to do。”

Finished,Qin Shi glanced at Zhang Mengke behind Jing Chu。
Zhang Mengke hugged Jing Chu’s arm tightly,Is already shaking。
but,This move of Qin Shi is still seen by Zhang Mengke。
This occasion,But the confrontation between big shots!Of course, I can’t take this mess up。
But my brother-in-law,Actually used to find a job for myself as an excuse,I’m not interested in this big guy’s invitation!
If you are sister Xiaoyun,,I am afraid that the five-body has moved to the ground now.!
This sense of belonging is overwhelming。
This man,I only have my own feeling in my eyes,Fantastic。
Wu Qing is not at all angry,Even more polite。
“If I interrupt your business,Sorry,But the Mandarin and Mr. Wan Zonghua,Invite you to have tea,If available,I will bother you to take a trip。”
Yu Fuhua and Han Liang looked at each other,I just feel that both of them have fallen into hell。
There is only one reason。
They heard a name。

at this time,Peng Huan hurried downstairs。

“Step aside,Let me in。”
Several policemen guarded around the Galaxy Hotel,Stopped Peng Huan。
“Above notice,No one is allowed to enter。”
The police said seriously。
Peng Huan gave the police a vicious look,Turn around and go。
Unexpected,Peng Huan walked back to the Galaxy Hotel,There is a small door behind,This kind of place,Aniu is guarding。
“stop!What are you doing?”
Aniu saw Peng Huan,Intervened and asked。
“The police won’t let me in,My brother is inside,I……Qin Shi and I are friends!”
Aniu frowned,I looked at Peng Huan up and down。
He looks like a son,Maybe it’s Brother Qin’s friend?
Brother Qin is here anyway,He can’t give birth to any major events。
“go in。”
Peng Huan’s eyes lit up。
“Thanks a lot。”
After Peng Huan came in,Hurry upstairs,Everyone else thinks they are their own,Didn’t ask any more。
Chapter One Hundred and Four Never leave
Peng Huan came upstairs,See the two bodyguards lying down in front of the door,Suddenly shocked。
These two bodyguards,He sent me from Yecheng to Nancheng to help Peng Jin!

Ye Bing immediately shook his head,Said,“I’m afraid your judgment is wrong!”

“Absolutely right!”Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Recalling the scene last night,Nodded with certainty,“If it weren’t for practicing to become the most rigid body,,He can’t stop my cut!”
“Then you come with me!”Ye Bing completely believed in Mo Xiaosheng at this time,She stared at Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes for a long time,To conclude that he did not lie。
“Where to go?”
Mo Xiaosheng doubted。
“Go to the military office!”
Han Bingding said。
“Go to the military office?”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help being surprised,He has been in the MI for so long,Have never been to the headquarters!
“Not bad,Some secret,It’s time to let you know!”Ye Bing stands tall,Stepped out。
First0485Chapter contact
it’s time to……Let him know?
Mo Xiaosheng looked at Ye Bing with a question mark,This Nima has joined the Military Intelligence Department for a year and a half,The Military Intelligence Department still has secrets he doesn’t know?
He always thought he and the Military Intelligence Department were both heartbroken!
Although he has his own little secret,But at least it can be considered frank with the MI Department,And I did my best for the MI Department,As a result, the MI Department kept secrets from him!
If it weren’t for Ling Xiao’s appearance,,If it hadn’t been for Ling Xiao, he had cultivated the so-called “rigid and pure body”,I’m afraid he can’t access these secrets yet!
Knew it,He was right at the beginning,Dealing with this kind of department,I have to hide my mind!

Teacher He was surprised:“Don’t we have a fish pond??”</p>

Huang Leidao:“that,That won’t work,Unagi is drilling mud,I still see a lot in that kind of mud pool。”</p>
Wang Zhengyu thought for a while,Tao:“Is the mud pond,But when the local farmers were planting seedlings,Sometimes there are a few caught in the rice fields。”</p>
Huang Leidao:“This is fine,Can someone contact me,Wait until the shrimp fried eel noodles are ready,Give you a taste。”</p>
Listen to Wang Zhengyu,Immediately agreed:“no problem,I’ll reply you later。”</p>
Huang Lei nodded in satisfaction,Nothing can’t be done with food,Whether he is a man or a woman,If there is,Then do it again。</p>
And then,About ten minutes passed,Wang Zhengyu on the way:“Teacher Huang,We found you,Consistent,But they have conditions。”</p>
Huang Lei asked:“What condition?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu Road:“Help them plant seedlings,And it is required that oneifiStyle,Even if the task is completed。”</p>
Hear words,Huang Lei,He Jia,Su Luo and others look weird,Place one with seedlingsifi,What is this hobby?</p>
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Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>

“The Lakers are over。”

“Kobe and Shaq played well,But that’s it。”
“Shaq under Michael’s crotch looks like a panicked child。”
G3End,Bulls take the lead。
Comments in the media at this time,Already leaning。
Someone supports the Lakers,But no one is optimistic that the Lakers can win the series.。
Even the opinion of most media commentators is that they don’t think the Lakers can win a victory in the next game.。Bulls will win four games in a row,Win the championship。
Michael Jordan’s First Battle,5Crown in hand,Finals single75He is enough to win the first person in history,Honor of the God of Basketball。
And the Los Angeles Lakers as the background board,Will also be recorded in history,As the loser。
Michael Jordan’s performance shocked everyone,The media has now selectively ignored his black material,Such as gambling,Assault teammate,Playing baseball and so on。
Jordan is now a perfect god in the eyes of the media!
One dominates everything on the basketball court,The invincible god!
G4The day before the game,The Lakers perform small-volume shooting practice in the training hall。
The Lakers’ player spirit is a bit low。
Lose two games in a row,Opposite players who are almost impossible to beat。
My team and stars have played very well,But it’s still hard to win。

“of course,Not getting married。”Guan Hao said disapprovingly。

“What about your ex-wife?”Gao Jian asked carefully。
Guan Haoling frowned,The eyes are on Gao Jian’s face,Obviously,Some situations he knows。Just say:“Guan Hao didn’t pull me up by the skirt,Your man should know who I am。”
Gao Jian didn’t expect Guan Hao to react so quickly,Look so serious,Especially the look in his eyes,There is a shocking power。Meet his gaze,He also said sternly:“You know i have no other meaning。but……”
“But what?”
“I feel that your future political environment will not be too ideal。Predict everything,Do not advance or discard。and so,It’s important to take every step carefully。”
Guan Hao felt there was something in his words,He is not used to discussing these issues with others,Just say:“Do things in good faith,Sincere to people,I can only do this。”
“Yes,You and me are not the same character,You and the teacher have a comparison。I am not like this,I think the right one I will stick to it without compromise,Do it even if you lose your head。I really don’t know what the boss thinks?”Gao Jian said。
Hey,Official fight,It may be a black hole that every politician will encounter,Sometimes it’s hard to prevent,Can’t even avoid。Guan Hao said with a smile:“Thanks dude for reminding,I will be more careful,I’m ready to embrace the darkness。”
Gao Jian obviously heard that this came from“If you ever sang the dawn,Then please embrace the darkness”This sentence。He said:“I heard from the teacher that you have a good job,And people are sincere,At that time, I really hope that you can fight for Binhai,Let’s work together,Let me also learn some advanced knowledge and advanced work concepts from you。I mentioned to the boss,Not taken seriously,I don’t know what the boss thinks。regret。”Stand up,Just go out。
Guan Hao got up and sent Gao Jian out。
Shao Yu and Gao Jian are a teacher-student relationship,I must know that some Yue Xiao’s talents remind themselves like this。In officialdom,Can someone remind you like this,Is your greatest luck,No matter if it has value。The information gathered from all aspects shows,He and Yue Xiao will have a hard time getting along,But for now, they have not had a head-on conflict,It should be considered a happy cooperation。
Some things may be like this:It’s not as shallow as Lao Niu said,Not as deep as squirrel said。He suddenly thought of a fairy tale《Pony crossing the river》In this sentence。Can’t help but smile,Unpredictable officialdom,Actually got involved with fairy tales。But think about it carefully,A fairy tale told in a kindergarten,There is such a popular and profound philosophy。
At this moment,He also thought of his fairy tales,That little woman。Don’t let him hang up after finishing talking。No way,She can’t sleep by herself, nor can she sleep。So I called her again。
Xia Jihan was woken up by the phone again,She’s lazy“Hey”With a。
“it’s me!”

“Raise hands in agreement!”

Liu Xiaoyun said loudly,Then he raised his hand for the first time!Shen Ruoxue and Qin Liang raised their hands for the second time,Shen Ruoxi smiled,Also raised his hand。
“Why are you stupid??Raise your hand!”
Qin Liang said,I grabbed Chen Hao and raised one hand……
“ok!Pass unanimously!That’s it for this matter,I’ll talk to Sister Shanshan later。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately said with enthusiasm。
“Yep,I’m not talking about this for fun,I was serious,Then I’ll leave it to you to organize and plan,Xiaoyun,This little thing for you,It’s easy to do well。”
Qin Liang said contentedly。
“rest assured,I will do it well,Leave it to me。”
Liu Xiaoyun said confidently,Ok this time,She didn’t reach out to pat her chest,I finally maintained the noble and dignified image of my little goddess。
“and also,Xiaoyun,Train your sister Chen,The thing about Sister Ruoxi and Sister Shanshan,Also to you and Xiaoxue,Qiaoer,Xiner,This is my official mission to you,Not just for fun,The four of you must make sure to complete the task well。”
Qin Liang said smoothly……
“This is also on the four of us,Do not worry。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered vowedly,In fact, even if Qin Liang didn’t say,She had planned that way,She is such a girl,To my friends,Always give wholeheartedly regardless of any price and return。

“You invite me?Please have a good meal,I’ll only have one bowl of noodles per person,I don’t have much money,Gotta fucking break the flowers now。”

Ling Mofeng said indifferently。
“Forget it,I’ll treat。”
Qin Liang would naturally not care about these things,Can successfully handle Ling Mofeng,He is already very happy。
So the two went back to the room together,Liu Yong is gone,Only Yang Shiyun is still sitting in the chair。
“go,go for meal。”
Qin Liang greeted Yang Shiyun casually。
Yang Shiyun reflexively agreed,She looked at Qin Liang and Ling Mofeng in surprise,I found that both people have a relaxed look。
“What to eat?”
Qin Liangwen。
Not waiting for Yang Shiyun to answer,Ling Mofeng rushed to talk。
“I’m silly,It’s not your kid who spends money, is it?So cruel?”
Qin Liang looked reluctant,Of course it was pretended。
“by,I’ll pay you back from now on,Can you be generous?”
Ling Mofeng answered unceremoniously。
Yang Shiyun looked at the two people in front of him in surprise,Why did you go to the balcony and come back?,The relationship between Qin Liang and Ling Mofeng has become“Boy and Laozi”It’s up?
“Row,This is what you said,Not please,See how i clean up you。”

Yang Zhi issued the final warning to Meizi in the headset!

“plum,We are behind him。”
Yang Shiyun also said one last word to Meizi……
Quick footsteps sounded behind me,When the footsteps are only a few steps away from me,Meizi turned around,Then she saw the pale face of a man!
The man also stopped,Both are looking at each other’s eyes!The man sees firmness and fearlessness in Meizi’s eyes,And what Meizi saw in the eyes of the man opposite was fear and cautious!So Meizi immediately decided;This man is the one who asked him to come here。
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One thousand six hundred and seventy-nine chapters You are a very brave person
? “Hello there。”
After a moment of silence,The man spoke first。
“I thought you were going to make me wait till tomorrow morning。”
Meizi said easily。
“Sorry,I am dangerous……and so,I have to be careful and careful!”
Man’s bitter answer。
“Then congratulations,You are not dangerous now。”
Meizi said with a smile。
The man asked in surprise。


Liu Xiaoyun’s face is even redder!Qin Liang said this condition is too straightforward,Too explicit!A typical heart of Sima Zhao,Everyone knows!Do what you want?What else does he want to do?The fool knows what he wants to do!
“What do you mean by not talking?Is it the default??”
Qin Liang stepped forward and asked again。
“we’ll talk about it then!”:You made me think about it first。“
Liu Xiaoyun can only answer ambivalently,This condition is true and there is no way to agree!No matter if you agree or not,I can’t agree to it!This is about Liu Xiaoyun’s face and self-esteem。
“Wool!What do you mean by that time?Come here with me!Have to say now,Want to fool me?Am I so easily fooled by you?”
Qin Liang’s dismissive answer。
“I can only talk about it then,It’s useless for you to force me now!”
Liu Xiaoyun is fighting……She wants to defend her dignity,How to say,Girls’ self-esteem cannot be easily discarded。
“OK OK,I deliberately teased you,Don’t be so nervous,Relax,Ha ha……”
Qin Liang thinks if he keeps teasing,Liu Xiaoyun may be really unhappy,So he decided to accept,Stop this joke。But Liu Xiaoyun still looked at Qin Liang with guard eyes……She is so scared!She doesn’t resist Qin Liang’s affection with herself,But it also depends on the time,Depending on the occasion,You can’t do anything you want, right?!Qin Liang is really in a good mood,Dare to recklessly anytime and anywhere
For the master!So how could she not be afraid!