“enough!”Hoarfrost shouted,“Shut up!”
“vice president,he……”Qi Jiang still remains angry。
“okay,If you still have my vice president in your eyes, shut your mouth!”
Qi Jiang is speechless,An angry glance at Xu Beiling。
“Mokato,Do you have a way to pinpoint their whereabouts?”Xu Beiling didn’t bother to look at him。
“This is not too difficult,I have already explored it just now,This teleportation magic circle has been rewritten from the entrance to the exit,They should still be there。”Mokato nodded。
“Export?You mean someone was teleported?”Lin Mo, who had been silent for a while, asked。
“Level 1 alarm,Level 1 alarm!”Haven’t waited for Mokato to answer,The harsh mechanical female voice has resounded throughout the government building,“Within Liaoning ProvinceNH69The number of people infected with the virus has exploded sharply,A large number of left-behind members are trapped,Emergency plan activated,Emergency plan activated!”
(SoNH69The virus is one of the commonly known zombie viruses,According to the research findings of the Holy Spirit Society,This terrible virus belongs to the same common flu virusRNAvirus,And also has extremely high variability,The Ministry of Social Sciences of the Holy Spirit alone has recorded12Subtype,This also means that to use existing technological means to develop a permanently effective vaccine is tantamount to a dream.。By the way,The researchers of the Holy Spirit Society discovered that the virus infected with the Seven Ghosts is fundamentally different from the virus on ordinary zombies.,They are trying to find the key to overcome the virus from the seven ghosts,of course,All this must be based on the premise that they can find a ghost as a living research object。)
“what?!Doesn’t it mean that there are no traces of infected people in AsiaWhy at this time……”Xu Beiling’s forehead bursts with blue veins,“No way,I have to go!”
“stop!”Hoarfrost Fury Road,“Director-level cadres shall not leave the headquarters at will without the permission of the president,Have you forgotten the most basic rules??”
“Ah,since20After the incident a year ago,I don’t believe in your so-called rules anymore。”Xu Beiling smiled coldly,“Goodbye。”
After talking about Xu Beiling, he strode out of the hall,And Mokato followed without hesitation。

The trick that just broke Lin Yu,Only used one-tenth of his strength。

Now this time,With five tenths。
Lin Yu is such a waste,If you use 100% of your power directly,It may be killed by myself at any time。
In this case,Then I can’t get the other party’s true energy,Helped myself stabilize the state of the late yellow level。
For this reason,A Xing didn’t directly kill him。
unfortunately,The five-tenths power of Ah Xing,In front of Lin Yu,Like an ant attacking itself,Not even look at,Just raise your hand and catch。
then,Let go again,Throw it to A Xing。
“Damn,How could this be?”
See this,A Xing backs away in an instant。
Bang bang bang!!!After A Xing regressed,Where he was standing,Directly exploded。
“Is this what you call power?”
Seeing that the other party dare not to accept,Lin Yu didn’t rush to shoot。
This person has no moves at all,Only know head-to-head,There are only people who are not in that world,People who get practiced by chance,Just like this。
But the other party is not from that world,Why do you want to shoot yourself?
Lin Yu suddenly became curious at this moment,I still wanted to kill him,Stopped suddenly,Plan to keep looking,Can you tell a few more points?。
A Xing did not expect,Lin Yu can take over five tenths of his strength。
What about?
I’m just an unstable state now,This creates the power used,Not strong enough。
Think of this one,A Xing never dare to have reservations,Take a step back,Yelled:“Since you are looking for death,Then I will let you before you die today,See the true power of the late yellow rank。”
Although the realm is not stable at the moment,But it can also exert the power of the late yellow rank。

hang up the phone,Hao Yitian looked at the neon lights outside the French window,Sneered:“Mo Xiaosheng,Bai Xue,Mo Xin Xue Yan?Humph,Not long,You won’t be beautiful。”

First0123Zhang Xiangfeng meets each other
After the Lantern Festival,Mo Xiaosheng’s Mo Xin Health Center is opening。
But after opening,Not many people come to keep healthy,Many people come to see the doctor。Although last time because of the death incident,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t want to treat those people either。And also instructed Li Zhen to tell them。
but,It’s really stubborn but the neighborhoods everywhere,They are sick and sit here waiting for Mo Xiaosheng to show them,say good things,Pretending to be painful。
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t bear to watch the patient suffer,This is the relief,Promise them to see a doctor。but,Only see a doctor,Do not sell medicine。They only need to pay a consultation fee,As for Chinese medicine, they can buy it wherever they want,But Mo Xiaosheng still recommended Jishantang to them。
such,Not only didn’t make him easy,Got busier。Because only the consultation fee really saves a lot of time,But there are a lot more people coming to see the doctor。
This makes Li Zhen quite puzzled,Why didn’t you make a lot of money?,But only a petty profit。
Mo Xiaosheng did not explain to Li Zhenduo,Thinking about other things,He plans to pick a good seedling from the University of Chinese Medicine,Hands-on teaching,As an intern for them。
It was past nine o’clock after seeing the last patient that night,Li Zhen quickly poured him a cup of tea,Said:“Mr,There is something you need to decide。”
“What’s up,Brother Li。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded。
“Is such that,The security team at the Bai factory needs to expand,Qin Jun and Da Lang happened to know some veterans of special forces,I want to recruit some of them,What do you think?”
“Of course it can。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded when he heard this,It was a little funny in my heart,Do you want to form an army??
“But compared to ordinary security,Their salary must be higher。”Li Zhen quickly explained the key points。
“It’s ok,Brother Li,Tell Brother Qin Jun and Brother Da Lang,Leave it to them,As long as the ability is strong,money is not the problem。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled。
“Dear,I will tell them!”Li Zhenxing said aggressively。
Two days after the Lantern Festival, Heyang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine opens,Mo Xiaosheng ushered in the first class of the new semester,This semester he will teach《Pharmacy》,Before class, I took my ID and went to the school’s pharmacy to prescribe some medicinal materials。

Madam Du smiled helplessly at Mo Xiaosheng,Her youthful face,But the mysterious doctor who all depends on。

“In this case,Then naturally I can’t forcefully stop,but,If I ask the mysterious doctor to pay me back,This is not too much?!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and glanced at the man in black,Actually he guessed it just now,Most of these people are from the mysterious doctor。
Can send so many masters of profound arts at the same time,Looking at China,In addition to the MI,I’m afraid there is only the mysterious doctor!
A few people in black said nothing,His eyes swept Mo Xiaosheng coldly。
“Not excessive,Not excessive!”
Mrs. Du said hurriedly,“but,Mr. Mo,You can’t be too harsh,You can’t use this treasure of town,Let’s exchange another treasure of town?!”
“This naturally can’t!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and smiled,Then he raised his head and said,“Actually I just want to be alone!”
“A person?!”
Madam Du couldn’t help but startled,He looked at Mo Xiaosheng in astonishment,Asked suspiciously,“Mr. Mo wants,Who is it?Could it be that in this mysterious doctor,And your friends?!”
“Not bad,She is my friend’s little niece!”
Mo Xiaosheng held his chest up,Said loudly,“My friend’s little niece is seriously ill,Was sent to the mysterious doctor by my friend,At that time, in order to ask the mysterious doctor to treat his little niece,He once promised to do three things for the mysterious doctor,Before these three things are done,Even if the mysterious doctor cures his little niece,Won’t let his little niece go with him,and so,Now I ask Xuan Yimen to abolish the agreement with my friend,Return his little niece to us!”
Anyway, his ice toad was originally reserved to help King Yue to exchange his little niece back,Now that I met someone from the mysterious doctor,Then he just tells the request directly,It also saves him and Yuerenwang going to Divine Hanhai。
The doctors present were startled when they heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words.,Obviously something unexpected,Can’t help but talk in a low voice。
“It turns out that this mysterious doctor is really still alive,But heal people,Make this request,Isn’t it a bit too much??!”
“Yes,I remember the ancient name of the mysterious doctor‘Benevolent’,How did this come to now,Developed like this?Isn’t this a threat?!”
“I guess it’s not the old mysterious doctor?even if,Development till now,It might have changed!”
“Ugh,I didn’t expect it,Some people and sects,Although the reputation is loud,But virtue is not coordinated!”

The woman in black heard Xu Sheng say her name,Make your smile as gentle as possible,“Xu Sheng??Nice name,Can I call you that way??”

Xu Sheng sneered at this,Asked rhetorically“You’re so sure i can survive?”
People living in the killing capital,No one is clean,Including these looks soft,In fact, my heart may have started to calculate your woman。
The woman in black was suddenly embarrassed by Xu Sheng’s ruthless words,quite a while,Before he recovered his expression slowly“Xu Sheng,I believe in your strength,They are just a piece of cake for you……”
Xu Sheng gave her another look,Looked at the center of the killing fields……
Not long,A loud sound rang across the killing fields of hell,“The next hell killing will begin immediately,Please number3074,2035………Cold sword,Quickly enter the killing fields!”
The people in the inner city of the Slaughter City sitting on the stands are all excited,Waved his hands and shouted“3074,Kill them,Kill them!”
“2043,Crush their heads with your hammer!”
“2960,Shaved their heads!“
“What is that Han Jian?Is it also a killer??Why there is no number?”A man with a miserable face squinted his eyes,Puzzled。
The other woman licked her thin lips,Joy Road“This is the first time someone has a nickname instead of a number,Could it be that this guy is too strong to be recorded with a number?”
“No matter what the cold sword,Just kill it!”
The eyes of everyone howling here are full of desire and killing,The pleasure of killing is completely lost。
these people,Become a fallen,It’s all about killing or watching others kill,Abandoned all feelings……


One thousand three hundred and ninety-eight chapters Will be Beaten to death
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Yang Shiyun asked straightforwardly。
“If Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun know about this,,Must be killed!”
Murong Shan answered with a wry smile。
“what?so serious!Say it quickly!What’s wrong with Key?”
Yang Shiyun couldn’t calm down immediately,Murong Xiaoyao lost part of his memory after being rescued by Qin Liang from the kidnappers,She and Qin Liang took care of this little girl,So emotionally,Yang Shiyun is also very concerned about Murong Xiaoyao。
So Murong Shan took a long time ago,Two bastards tried to rape Murong Xiaoyao in the forest and told Yang Shiyun。
“There is such a thing!People?Where are the two men?”
Yang Shiyun exploded in an instant!
“People were caught by the Taoists,Kept locked in Taoist temple,We just wait for you back,I’m going to hand those two people back to the police station for processing。”Murong Shan said carefully,Although it’s been a long time,But now when I talk about it,She is still very angry when she is a mother!But she was worried that her friends would retaliate,Accidentally killed those two guys……Wouldn’t it be a burden to everyone?
,So she was entangled。
“Where are people?You take me now。”
Yang Shiyun finally knows why Murongshan repeatedly emphasized,I can’t let Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun know about this!If you let the master and apprentice know,It will really kill you!Two guys who want to rape Murong Xiaoyao,It is very likely that Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun will be killed directly……
“it is good,You come with me。”
Murong Shan hesitated,I took Yang Shiyun to the secret little yard,I just saw a little Taoist put two meals into a small house。
Although the person is closed,But the rice is still to be managed,You can’t starve these two bastards directly……

Ling Mofeng smiled and answered。

“Get out of here!Just this thing sold,Can you treat me to instant noodles for thousands of years……It is estimated that there is surplus。”
Qin Liang is talking,Handed that treasure to Yang Shiyun。
“This is too valuable!A priceless treasure that is absolutely genuine!”
After Yang Shiyun examined this treasure repeatedly,Also recognized。
“and so,You two remember,Especially Sister Shiyun, remember!If one day I suddenly die in some accident,You must first see if my treasure is still there,If not,It means that someone is trying to kill money!”
Ling Mofeng said seriously。
“Bah bah bah bah!You have a crow’s mouth,What nonsense!”
Yang Shiyun frowned immediately and said,Then returned the things to Ling Mofeng’s hands。
“I am telling the truth……”
Ling Mofeng said awkwardly。
“Then you have to tell us where you hide this treasure,Otherwise how do we know if it is。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“of course!Are you nonsense?Since I showed it to you,I didn’t intend to hide anything from you,in this world,If I can’t even believe you two,Then I have no one to trust anymore。”
Ling Mofeng said it lightly,But whether it is Qin Liang,Still Yang Shiyun,I know what he said is absolutely true!Staying with Ling Mofeng for so long,Both people found that Ling Mofeng has the most admirable advantage;That is he never tells any lies。
“Thanks a lot!”

Into the night,Guan Hao is in the unit’s dormitory,Having trouble sleeping,He remembered what Old Du said,Although he was careless at the time,But he did not miss a few words of Lao Du.,He was very pleased,Otherwise I won’t get excited and give him two bottles of good wine,You know that these two bottles of good wine can exchange 70 or 80 bottles of Erguotou。

He can give Lao Du a good wine,But as Guan Hao, he would not discuss hexagrams with Lao Du。
Thought of here,He is a little excited,Could it be,She really has news?So he got up,Came to the office outside,Called Xia Jihan’s parents。
Mother Xia answered the call。He didn’t dare to directly ask if there was any news about her,I just asked about the physical condition of the old man,I asked about the school’s New Year’s Day holiday, etc.。
Mother Xia’s voice was a little choked,Said:“Xiaoguan,Why don’t you wait for her,Set it up if you like it,Hanhan is determined,Don’t delay you!”
Guan Hao’s throat hurts,He took a long breath,Said:“mom,I won’t find another woman in my life,I only want her。”
“but……”Mom hesitated and said:“She deliberately wants to leave you,So you should think about it。”
Guan Hao said:“I don’t need to think about it,This problem when I met her,I just figured it out。Do you have news from her?”
He didn’t finish,I didn’t wait for Xia’s answer,I heard Dad Xia’s voice,He said:“Xiaoguan,You have to work at ease,After all, you are different from ordinary people,Everyone is watching your every move,Supervise,I think the reason why Hanhan left you,I just hope you can get results in your work,Life can be happy。”
Guan Hao thought for a while and said:“I may visit you on New Year’s Day。”
Dad Xia said:“You are so busy,Don’t come,Work first。”
Hung up her home,The relief that Guan Hao brought because of Lao Du’s words disappeared,His heart is blank,As cold as the night before me、blurred。Just saw a little light,Now the whole person seems to be thrown into the boundless darkness again。
In the first period after Xia Jihan left,To relieve my loneliness,Sometimes he will take the initiative to find something to do,To fill the time without her,Gradually,He feels that his lonely time may last longer,and so,He must be prepared for long-term adaptation。
Because of his rigorous and self-disciplined character,Decided that his amateur life was monotonous,Few friends,After coming to Jinan,Except work,Hardly any private relationship,Never participate in any party activities other than work,Even if the work unit has weddings and funerals,He is also a courteous follower,But never attend。
and so,Colleagues kept away from the usually unsmiling mayor,It seems that his character is getting more and more lonely recently,Sometimes even Liu Tao can’t hear him say a few words all day long。
at this time,Liu Tao, separated by a wall from the mayor, obviously felt his loneliness and pain。
Recently, the mayor rarely returns to the residence of the government family home,Live in the unit most of the time,It turns out that he hardly lives in Jin’an,Almost room and board are now in the work unit,And I go to bed very late every night。

If football didn’t bring you any pleasure,Will you still like football?

Hu Lai is always unable to snatch the ball from his feet,It’s normal if people suddenly don’t want to play。
Thought of here,Li Qingqing guilty of bringing football to Hu Lai,I want to comfort him——After all, if you don’t consider physical confrontation,Not many people can snatch a football from her feet,So Hu Lai doesn’t need to be depressed……
“Hey,You’re angry?”She asked carefully。
Hu Lai continued to lower his head,But listen to his tone,Li Qingqing still thinks the boy in front of him should be angry。
“That one,Don’t be born……”Li Qingqing wants to continue to persuade,But suddenly I saw Hu Lai sitting on the ground with her hands behind her,The body suddenly ejected like a spring,At the same time, his right foot slammed into the football at Li Qingqing’s feet!
Li Qingqing and Hu Lai are close at hand,It’s almost impossible to avoid it at such a close distance,In addition, Hu Lai broke out,Act suddenly,This time can be said to be determined!
But Li Qingqing’s body is like a conditioned reflex,Her left foot quickly knocked the football on her foot to the right,Cancan avoid Hu Lai’s right foot!
“It’s now!”Hu Lai shouted,The hands supporting the body exert their strength again,Body twisted into a twist,Sweep the left leg from the outside!
It turns out that his right foot was just a fake move,Now the click of his left foot is his real intention!
He used false moves to force Li Qingqing to react hastily,So when my left foot swept over again,Li Qingqing will definitely not be able to escape。
But just when his left foot is about to sweep the football,Li Qingqing’s right toe turned up very concealedly,The football knocked over with the left foot is very lightly provoked,Then her right heel lifted up with the football,Because the speed is the same,It looks like a football hovering over her left foot。
Just after her right foot was raised,Hu Lai’s left leg also followed,Passing under Li Qingqing’s feet,Rubbed to the sole。
This made Li Qingqing stagger a bit when he landed,But did not lose control of football。
In order to prevent possible subsequent attacks by Hu Lai,Li Qingqing turned around and withdrew the football to five meters away,Just breathe out:“Wow!sinister!”

  “But I didn’t think I was。”

  Liu Xiaoyun answered calmly。
  “That is your aesthetic problem,How about you ask everyone if you are?”
  Shen Ruoxue said casually。
  “I don’t ask,I’m not that thick。”
  Liu Xiaoyun’s light answer,Just teased Shen Ruoxue,Sure enough, she is even better!The kind that kills invisible。
  “Why do I think you are mocking me?”
  Shen Ruoxue is not good either,Immediately turned his face to look at Liu Xiaoyun and asked。
  “No no,Absolutely not,I’m just talking about myself,Don’t talk to yourself again。”
  Liu Xiaoyun immediately denied it,Just stop talking,There is no need to confront Shen Ruoxue head-on,This is where Liu Xiaoyun is better than Shen Ruoxue。
  “Are you sure you don’t have?”
  Shen Ruoxue asked unwillingly,In fact, she was sure that Liu Xiaoyun was teasing herself,But Liu Xiaoyun does not admit,She can’t help Liu Xiaoyun。
  “Sure and sure。”
  Liu Xiaoyun replied in an unquestionable tone。
  Shen Ruoxue reluctantly gave up and continued to struggle with Liu Xiaoyun,A soldier who fell without a fight,It is the most handy strategy and tactic used by Liu Xiaoyun!of course:Front rolling,Directly forcibly kill,Is also her signature stunt,It’s just that she basically doesn’t use this one-touch trick to defeat the enemy.。
  Meizi’s heart-warming feeling,She secretly admired:Compared with Shen Ruoxue,I have to say that Liu Xiaoyun is the real king!Obviously more eloquent than Shen Ruoxue!