The members of the Royal Academy see clearly behind this scene,Dugu Yan was stunned,She was shocked when she recovered“what?This weird vine easily blocked Tianheng’s attack!”

The other players are also not allowed to channel“This fake……really?The captain’s martial spirit is the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus!How can you not even break this?”
The other team member looked at the empty feet under Xu Sheng,Even the spirit ring is not revealed,The words are filled with incomprehension,“and,You see,The guy in the white clothes doesn’t even use the spirit ability!”
In other words,To take down their captain Yu Tianheng’s increased attack,Just relying on the hardness of his martial soul!!
At this moment,They understand how perverted the guy in white clothes is!
Such people,Are they really at the same level as them??
Chapter One Hundred and Nine Dare to make a bet with me(Subscribe)
Yu Tianheng stared at Xu Sheng with fear,Secretly surprised“Stopped my attack without using soul skills……This guy,How scary is it?”
He is very aware of the attack power of his Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus,Plus the increase of the Dugu Goose,The attack power alone has reached the standard of the ordinary soul emperor……
But still unable to damage the plant-type martial spirit of this white man without spirit ability……
Wiped the cold sweat from his forehead,This time,I’m afraid Tiandou Royal Academy has encountered iron plate……
And the people watching the game don’t even know what to say,Such a violent blow hit the plant and nothing happened……
In an instant,Public opinion reversed again,Began to blame Yu Tianheng for coming……

The last one,Shen Huan asked in more detail。

As a result, the last lie spell was useless,He was the one who secretly photographed。
Originally, the boy was thinking,This time I spent all the truth spells and lie spells,I have to make up for myself。
It turns out that,Shen Huan is still too naive。
Good master’s reward is to give it so much,It’s over with one。
Shouted for a long time,Good master is still playing dead。
Shen Huan has no choice,The backhand is a good luck charm sticking to yourself。
then,He quickly opened Abao Pay,I clicked on the familiar rural education donation page,Entered1Billion。
Shen Huan looked at this1Billion,It hurts。
I bought too much rough jadeite in Myanmar some time ago,Even if I sold some books to Mu Gui,Only left2Billion。
Heaven and spirit,You must bless me to get something good!
This is half of my last property!
Shen Huan prayed,I clicked the pay button。
“Ding Dong!”
“Host donates to charity1Billion,Deserve a generous reward。”
“The host activates the mysterious force of good luck,Gained luck bonus。”
“The system specially rewards the host with good luck charms2Pieces、Truth Talisman2Pieces、Talisman of Lies2Pieces。”
This time,Good master’s voice is about to be heard。
although1These six rewards,And movies、TV series and songs are not in the same category,But Shen Huan absolutely needs to prepare。

of course,Wang Yufei won’t say this judgment。

Wait till the Spring Festival Gala is over,After the family rests,Wang Yufei turned on the computer again,Started to write the yearbook。
Whether it’s writing a diary or an annual record, you need to persist,And Wang Yufei is obviously a person who knows the meaning of persistence。
“Step in tomorrow2020Years old,It’s right again2019Make a summary,To make an outlook for the next year。”
“Self summary,in2019The biggest achievement I have got is not the brain-computer chip online,Not Changxiang Technology’s valuation exceeded 10 billion,Not to solve a mathematical problem,It was the epiphany at Weiming Lake that day。”
“Thank you Yu Xin for recording my status,And the complete equations written on the ground。”
“I can basically be sure,The grandpa I met early that morning must have left something in my body,Although I don’t know what it is for the time being,But I guess it might be a key,This key can solve many problems that plague mankind in this era。”
“It’s just that I haven’t been able to fully find a way to use this key,Although it’s a bit frustrating,But I can feel my brain evolving all the time,Although very slow,But never stopped。This feeling may be abstract,But I’m pretty sure I can feel this is the truth。”
“For example, there were some problems that bothered me,After a while, I think about it,There is always a sense of sudden enlightenment。”
“If it must be compared, it is probably the feeling of junior high school students learning elementary school knowledge.!”
“And i suspect,The mysterious old man still left something in my mind。Once I enter the epiphany state,These things are naturally inspired by inspiration。The only pity is,Probably still need quantitative change to trigger qualitative change。”
“Unfortunately,The old man doesn’t know why he hasn’t contacted me。This makes me often feel conflicted,Such as the whimsical ideas that often pop up in the mind,It always makes me feel that it will be achieved in the near future。This inexplicable confidence,Sometimes when I think about it, I feel very narcissistic。”
“Closer to home,Recalling the equation on the shore of the Weiming Lake that day,I found a problem。Should be attributed to physical problems。”
“That is the relationship between symmetry and conservation。According to the conclusion drawn by scientist Knott,Every symmetry quantity will have a conserved quantity corresponding to it,For example, time translation symmetry corresponds to energy conservation,Space translation symmetry corresponds to the conservation of momentum,The spatial rotational symmetry corresponds to the conservation of angular momentum。”
“But this cannot explain the conservation relationship corresponding to mirror symmetry。Previously, physicist Wigner believed that the conservation relationship corresponding to mirror symmetry is parity conservation.。But it has been proved by Chinese physicists Professor Yang and Professor Li that it is wrong under the action of weak force。If Noord’s theorem is correct,So what exactly is the conserved quantity corresponding to mirror symmetry??Is there really a perfect physical theory in this world that can explain these?God is really left-handed?”
“Or a physical quantity peculiar to the microscopic system,There is no corresponding quantity in classical physics,It is related to the spatial inversion and transformation of the system state.A physical system,After spatial inversion transformation,Is it still a possible physical system?”
“Is there possible another solar system in this universe,There is another earth in the solar system?Although the two earths formed in the same time,The development trajectory of intelligent life is similar,But the time is not consistent?Maybe the human technology on that earth is developing faster than ours,Maybe that mysterious old man came from that earth?”
“Ok,I admit that for the time being I still don’t want to understand this,But I hope I can solve these problems in the future!”
“Write at the end,2020Xin system must be a big success。I also hope that my idea of the brain is correct,This can probably verify that many of my ideas are correct!”

Speaking of this, Bibi Dong immediately looked at Lin Yan,The cold feeling in his eyes made Lin Yan seem to have fallen into the ice cellar,Lin Yan immediately stared at her sister’s ferocious eyes and was startled.。

“Yaer,What are you talking about,How could a teacher go to your room in the middle of the night?!”
“Oh,Ok,I thought the master could come tonight,So I left you the door,Since you are not coming,Ya’er can only come to you by herself,Where are you going?”
“Master is going to Clear Sky School,are you going?”Lin Yan asked lightly。
Ya’er was not polite at all and went straight into the carriage,Lin Yan’s face twitched, he was just polite,Who thought she really came up,Lin Yan can’t say anything since it’s up。
“what!”I saw Bibi Dong pinched Lin Yan’s waist severely,At this moment, Lin Yan stared at Bibi Dong with wide eyes in disbelief。
“Yan’er, your clothes are dirty,Sister wipe it for you!”
“Master, why is your face so ruddy??”Ya’er doubted。
Lin Yan’s eyes widened,Can’t he tell him that he was pinched??After a long time, Lin Yan closed his eyes and started practicing,Since leaving Poseidon Island,His cultivation stayed at level 89,Only one step away from reaching Title Douluo level can help Yuntian recover his body by then.。And you can also get the position of God,Now Tang San has reached the Title Douluo level,And also got the magic of Poseidon’s Trident。
The carriage stopped at the foot of a mountain two days later,Lin Yan looked around,A few big words appeared before his eyes“Haotianzong!”Lin Yan got out of the carriage,Then a few people all walked down。
“In front of His Royal Highness is Clear Sky School,Let’s go up now!”Giant Crocodile Douluo whispered。
Lin Yan nodded,Turned and looked at them,Two wings spread out in the air at this moment。
Several people nodded and speeded up to follow Lin Yan’s pace,And the soldiers tightly surrounded the Clear Sky School and didn’t let anyone go out。
But when the disciple of the search in Haotian saw Lin Yan, he panicked.,Immediately returned to the sect,At this moment, Tang Xiao sighed around the corpse.。
“When did she die?How to die?”Tang Xiao said lightly。
“Ugh,She was already dead when we went,It looks like it’s blood and blood。”
“Dies,What’s the use of staying in the Clear Sky School after the body is dirty!”One of the elders said coldly。
“Report!”At this time, the inspector ran to the lobby,When he saw that the very elders were there, his heart was relaxed。

“like……No work arrangement。”She thought for a while and said。

Really not,The movie is over,Liang Kesheng is working on post-production,next episode《Romantic House》Filming after New Year’s Day。
“Then go shopping with me。”
Ban Lu thought for a while and said:“I can’t go to your house empty-handed。”
Kong Xi nodded。
Do not know why,She suddenly remembered the first time Lu Ban went to her house,At the gate of the community, she saw Lu Ban carrying tea with a gold chain.。
I didn’t expect it then。
This local tyrant will become his brother-in-law?
It’s different from coming to Gu Qiao’s house。
Now Ban Lu is Gu Qiao’s boyfriend,And it’s an official visit,So big bags and small bags carry a lot of things。
And bought Gu Qiao a bunch of flowers。
Gu Qiao even smelled it,Smiled at Luban,Lu Ban suddenly felt whether the sun came out from the west today?
All you eat。
I’m also talking about homework。
Gu Yanyun casually asked about Lu Ban’s family situation,After learning that Lu Ban is an orphan,I laughed and joked that I will treat this as my home from now on,We are all your family。
That’s right。
But a family,I used to call your uncles and aunts,Now let me call my parents?
Gu Qiao sat beside Lu Ban,Occasionally, I can smell the faint perfume smell from Gu Qiao’s body。
Gu Qiao sprayed perfume today?

Old Gu said:“Have you been to Zou Zijie’s garden recently??”

Ding Yi said:“Haven’t been there recently,Been there after May Day。”
Old Gu said:“It’s more beautiful now than then,Bamboo gallery、Wooden house,Same as Xanadu。”
Ding Yi said:“When i go,There are also bamboo corridors and wooden houses。”
Old Gu said:“The wooden house is now decorated,Owned by Mayor Peng。Really good there,Fresh air,nice environment,People have to live long。You,Talk to Mayor Jiang later,You also go to occupy his two rooms,Can give him some rent,Otherwise idle is idle。The day before yesterday, Lu Hua pulled a large cart of furniture eliminated from the Kangzhou government,Just bring a bed if you go,let me tell you,Get up in the morning,Run around there,You will write calligraphy again,It’s a life like a fairy。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Can go to him for the weekend。”
Old Gu said:“Mayor Peng occupies one of his,He lives in two rooms,Two rooms want Minister Wang to come and live。”
After Ding Yi,Asked in surprise:“Really?When will the minister come?”
Old Gu said:“almost,I went back and brought some life items,This will be all set up,He can come and live after setting up。”
Ding Yi said:“Ha ha,My heart moved by what you said。”
“Yes,Shu Qing also liked it very much。”
Ding Yiwen:“Are they getting married there?”
“This one,I’m not very sure,Probably not,Can live temporarily,It’s impossible to live there for a long time,After all, it’s not convenient in winter。”
Ding Yi said:“When are they getting married?”
“almost,Not young anymore,It’s time to end,The two have long been talking about marriage,To catch up with him and transfer to Lang Zhulai,Just delayed。”
Ding Yi said:“Time to end,So I can take care of each other。”
Old Gu said:“He has many difficulties in getting married here,It’s not like you and Secretary Jiang,He just came,homeless,Where is the knot,Where is home,Who dominate?This is all,He has no time to think about these now。”
“This is indeed a practical problem。”

Zhai Bingde didn’t give him much time to think and respond,Said:“I heard that your relationship with Lao Hu is like a father and son,Take care of him,I want to thank you so much。”

Peng Changyi was filled with suspiciousness on his face,He looked at Zhai Bingde blankly,Said:“Secretary Zhai,How come I never heard old nonsense?”He tried carefully。
“Ha ha,Him,A very character,Right under my nose,Never come to see me,Still so capricious。”Zhai Bingde picked up a pen from the table and fiddled with it,There was a little embarrassment and helpless smile on his face。
“Oh,He is a very stubborn person,I must be afraid of causing you trouble?”He’s still probing。
Don’t know,Zhai Bingde’s face suddenly changed,Throw the pen in your hand on the table,Said:“He is not afraid to cause me trouble,He is afraid of causing trouble to some people!I’ve been looking for him for so long……”There was a strong dissatisfaction in Zhai Bingde’s tone,And a little sour taste,He turned his head out of the window。
Peng Changyi remembers that Zhai Bingde told him that,I have been with Lao Hu for a long time,Visited the village and county where he was born,Didn’t find him,Thinking of Lao Hu under his nose,And he is also number one in Jinan,But Lao Hu just won’t come out to see him,Zhai Bingde will be very excited,He will be embarrassed,Thought of here,Peng Changyi is so angry and Zhu Guoqing talks a lot,after all,My old chief won’t come out to see him,There must be a reason not to see him,It’s not a glorious thing to say,He said:“Have you met him recently?I asked him for contact information,He won’t give me,Then call me from a phone that I can’t make at all,I haven’t seen him for a long time,Miss him。”
Zhai Bingde turned his face,Picked up the pen on the table again,Sighed deeply,Say:“What’s the use of thinking about him,People don’t want you,Give up,Don’t want to see you——”
Peng Changyi felt a little talking to himself。on“Ok”With a,Nothing else。
Zhai Bingde said to himself again:“Is a poor person,Also a very hard man,Just bad temper!”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Yes,He is watching the door with us,No contact with anyone,Once the Minister of Arms took a newspaper that he didn’t divide,He hurried to get the newspaper back,The Minister of Armed Forces wanted to scold him,But at his age, he ignored him,Is a very unsocial person,Just get along with me。”

“Great……”He sighed。

Li Ziqiang stands on the sidelines,Frown,His face is not very good。
Although he has made targeted adjustments,Let Luo Kai and Tang Yuan switch positions,Let Chu Yifan press forward。
But facing Jiaxiang’s solid defense,None of these adjustments seem to have played what they should have done。
This shows that Jiaxiang High School has a very deep understanding of Dongchuan Middle School,They have also done more preparations。
Thought of here,Li Ziqiang turned his head and glanced at the coaching bench of Jiaxiang High School,There are as many as five teachers, not counting the leader,A head coach,An assistant coach,A coach,A physical coach and a coach,There is also a goalkeeper coach……
This lineup is almost the same as the configuration of some low-level domestic football clubs.。
Even if he used to be at Transit Football School,Nor can every team have such a coaching staff。
Li Ziqiang also suspected that their assistant coach might still be a part-time scout,Collect and analyze opponent information。
Otherwise, why can they know so much about Dongchuan Middle School??
Look at yourself again,Don’t care about anything except one,It’s just the leader teacher who appears on every match day,Just a polished commander。If it weren’t for the event organizers to force each team to be equipped with a team leader selected by the school,He should be an adult on the coach bench……
The leader teacher sits on the coach bench,He doesn’t understand football,Li Ziqiang doesn’t want him to understand football,Just ask him not to pretend to know how to intervene。At this point, Principal Zhai should have said hello to the other party,So the cooperation between the two people so far has been pretty pleasant。
Li Ziqiang is very aware of the current problems of his team。
Takeover time is too short,Not enough time for team training,In order to get results as soon as possible,He can only take a little rush for quick success,That is to directly support Luo Kai to the core position,Take the team forward with Luo Kai’s super personal ability。
Before the final,His tactics are successful,Luo Kai’s personal ability is very useful in high school football matches。
After all, the tactical concept of most high school football teams is very vague or simple.。

Old Gu smiled,Did not speak,He took out a bag of peanuts from the side,Raised his hand to Peng Changyi behind,Peng Changyi did not pick up,Said:“I do not want to eat。”

Old Gu put the peanuts back in the distance,Said:“Old Jitt asked me,Get some peanuts back,I forgot to buy it again。”
Peng Changyi said:“He was overjoyed,Humph。”
in the afternoon,Peng Changyi didn’t go to class,He is tired,A conversation with the secretary of the municipal party committee in the morning,Seems to make him consume a lot of energy,Have been malaise,I don’t know if I was scared or worried about the minister,He went back to the office,Tell the little secretary,Squint by yourself,Don’t wake him up without special circumstances。
Lock the office door and the back room dormitory door,Peng Changyi lying on the bed,He can’t sleep,Every word Zhai Bingde said in the morning,I played it back at least ten times in my head,Not missing a detail,Even if he moves and frowns,Although his words are obvious and easy to understand,But Peng Changyi is still chewing every word of his。He even wanted to tell the minister,But with the minister’s wisdom and years of political experience,The minister must think more far-reaching。
At this moment,His phone vibrates,Peng Changyi took a look,Is a strange number,He didn’t answer,Waiting for the phone vibration to complete,But soon,The phone vibrates again,The same number just now,This time he picked it up:“Hey,Which?”
“Peng Shuer,I am Wenwen。”Wenwen’s excited voice came from inside。
Peng Changyi sat up,Asked:“Wenwen,Where’s the phone?”
Wenwen says:“I just bought it from Beijing,My dad bought one too,My ending number is31,Dad’s is33,Dad let me tell you,Call a new phone later。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I remember,Wenwen,Tell me the result。”
Wenwen says:“Almost nothing,Pass through。”
Peng Changyi’s heart fell to the ground,Then asked:“what is inside?”
Wenwen says:“Different,Letter and passbook。”
Sure enough, their analysis last night was correct。
“Dad asked if you went back?”

Baby Ou is so beautiful。eye,The most beautiful。Very beautiful。Her whole person,The breath of the whole person,It’s all like sunlight projected down,clean,warm,warm,Priceless gift。

“I am because of medicine,Come for you。”
Baby Ou is not in circles,Speak directly,“You recently got close to the exchange student in our class,The exchange student said something about looking for medicine,This makes Yaoyao a little angry。then,You also said something to her,Yaoyao is even more angry。She came to me,Ask me what to do.”
Pei Huan here,Is really stiff。
He thought about it before,I am with Zhuge Yaoniang,So unbearable,Zhuge Yaoniang will tell Baobao Ou to know。but,truly,Be in front of Ou Baobao,Tell him in person,Pei Huan still feels so sad。
He also has a delusional thought in his heart——Baby Ou can think he is a kind and sincere person。
and so,He never fooled Zhuge Yaoniang。Just say everything,Do it directly。Can’t he cheat,but,He always thinks if he lied to Zhuge Yaoniang,Baby Ou will know,This idea,Made him feel so scared。
He is in the heart of Ou Baobao,Would be a disgusting person。
This idea might come true,Made him feel terrified。
and so,He really,A little bit,Dare not lie to Zhuge Yaoniang。
But he needs money,He didn’t want to go against his own ideas and let Zhuge Yaoniang go,Can only,Be a sincere bastard。
Better than being a disgusting bastard。
however,He thought so well,So comfort yourself,But after Ou Baobao said,Have become self-deception stupidity and shame。
Pei Huan suddenly stood up,Want to leave。
Baby Ou was shocked,Stand up,“I know i said so,You might be upset,This is my fault,Sorry。Hope you can accept my apology,Listen to me first。”No one wants to talk about things between himself and his girlfriend or the opposite sex,Forced to share with outsiders。There are many plots in film and television dramas,It was because of this kind of thing that great conflict broke out。Baby Ou thought that Pei Huan was because she knew his personal affairs,Violated his privacy,Just angry。
This must be an apology。