This guy knows that in order to get this position,What hard work has been done???

Xu Sheng only felt that they had lost their minds,The words spoken at this moment are as ridiculous as they are!
Ever since,Indifferent pupils glanced at the three of them,“I am……Creation God!Instead of the rights of the two god king law enforcement officers!Besides,I want to smash your gods,Need a reason?”
Subsequently,Cold voice again“get out!”
They fell to the soul emperor,Even alive,It doesn’t make any sense anymore……
After Dai Mubai’s three people exuded intense light,Disappeared here in despair and struggle……
immediately,Xu Sheng raised his eyes,Looked at Tang San and Ning Rongrong……
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Nine memory(Subscribe)
Bibidong on the side saw Xu Sheng only shattering the gods of Dai Mubai,Didn’t kill them……
Whispered from the bottom of my heart“Did they just destroy their gods??But nothing,Reached the soul emperor level,Then even in the lower realm, you can’t make any waves”
but,She probably won’t be able to see these things,How should the Nether develop,Bibi Dong, who has become a god, can’t continue to manage……
After all, after getting the gods,,Although I can’t tell,But in the underworld you can always feel the call of the gods!

Of course she also knows the best whitewashing tool for charity,It’s just that after returning to China, I face the ban of the entire circle,I really want to play the banner of charity,Will be strictly scrutinized by the media,Maybe the whitewash is unsuccessful,It gets darker。

What benefits can charity bring to yourself,Of course she knows。
How much risk charity can bring to yourself,She also knows。
That thing is not supported by the media,Just rely on my own yelling,That can’t afford much wind and waves,It will lead to huge risks。
Unless you don’t go to fundraising,Just use your own money for charity,Smash money hard。
It’s own money anyway,Don’t worry about any media scrutiny。
——but,Why did she do that?
Be charitable,Is to get more opportunities to make money。
Take your own money out for charity,Isn’t that silly?
Although she has a little money,But I want to simply throw my own money,Hit a sky in the charity world,Let people across the country know that they are a caring charity,Under the hostility of the media,Her little money is really not enough。
right now,Fang Hao invited her to show love with Rende Charity Fund,Then not spend your own money,But spend the money of big capitalists for charity。
and,How dare those media censor the news that big capitalists like Gu Mu do charity??
Big capitalists do charity,I will definitely promote myself all over the world,Who dares to block such news,Isn’t that against him??
No need to spend your own money,You can also get a big platform,Wash yourself with charity,Such a good opportunity,She didn’t even dream of it。
I didn’t expect to just greet this young man’s body,Did something to please him,I will get such a surprise。
A happy smile appeared on his face,Said:“Of course I am free,I’m free anytime,It’s just that you did it?What if Mr. Gu is unwilling?”
“Shouldn’t be,”Fang Haodao,“Sister Li, you are such a big star,Don’t need money to help them do charity,Too late to be happy,Why would you be unwilling??”
Zhan Li said:“Don’t ask for money for charity,As long as Mr. Gu has no objection,I have no opinion。”
Chapter Two Seven Eight Love angel

“well said。Since seniors are so happy,I just said it straight。I invite seniors to come here to conspire with the spirit beast。”Gu Yuena said directly,“You saw it too,The current situation of our soul beasts。If our soul beasts don’t resist,Sooner or later, the entire race will be wiped out by humans。”

“Oh?”Zhao Ming raised his brows。
“Nowadays, the habitat of our soul beasts has been becoming less and less under the siege of humans。Human soul masters need to hunt down a soul beast every time they upgrade their cultivation base。Over time,Our soul beast race is about to be killed by them。”Gu Yuena said in a deep voice。
I heard Gu Yuena’s words,Not just the many beasts of Star Dou,Even if it’s Xiao Wu, a soul beast who has rebuilt a man,I can’t help but feel a little heavy。They all lived for at least one hundred thousand years,It’s very clear about the rise of mankind and the status quo of spirit beasts over the years。
These thousands of years,The number of soul beasts in their Star Dou Great Forest is much less。
If we continue to let humans hunt down like this,Maybe their Star Dou Great Forest will no longer exist in tens of thousands of years。
“Well said。”Zhao Ming nodded。12
In fact, he also felt that the soul master of Douluo Continent was too exhausted to fish.。
Even the fishermen on earth know the truth。There will be a ban period long after fishing。
For cherished animals,The country will also set up some wildlife protection bases。
But the soul master here,No concept at all。It only takes a hundred years for a soul master to break through the soul emperor,But he needs two ten thousand year spirit rings。And it takes ten thousand years for a ten thousand year soul beast to grow up。This time gap is too big。
A one hundred thousand year soul beast will take one hundred thousand years to form,But how many Title Douluos will appear in this 100,000 years??
If these titled Douluo really each have a one hundred thousand year spirit ring,How come there are tens of thousands of 100,000-year spirit rings?。Where did so many hundred thousand year soul beasts kill them?
It’s no wonder that when fighting two fights three,Soul beasts are all scarce。
Kill one today,Kill one tomorrow,Kill and kill。

Young woman flushed,I can’t worry about getting the pants wet,Hurriedly took the liquid from the bottle and washed the affected area,The water ran down her legs to ankles。

After washing,Young woman takes off her coat,Around the waist,Avoid embarrassment。
Ba Zi Hu greeted her,Then I picked up a small sharp scalpel,Aiming at young woman’s ankle,Lightly cut,A lot of yellow-red pus and blood flowed out immediately。
Everyone couldn’t help but be surprised,I don’t understand how pus and blood can flow out of the good ankle。
“Try now,Does it still hurt??”Ba Zi Hu wiped the blood from the young woman’s legs with yellow paper,Asked。
“It doesn’t hurt anymore?!”
Young woman moved her legs,Miraculously found out where I was originally affected,It doesn’t hurt at all。
“Genius,Thank you,Thank you!”
The young woman nodded in thanks,While taking out all the dozen hundred yuan bills in the wallet,Put it in a small wooden box of Ba Zi Hu。
He smiled and nodded,My eyes are crooked。
“Miss Anne,What are you talking about??”Li Zhen on the side is confused,Asked Annie。
Annie doesn’t know how to explain it now,Obviously there are sores elsewhere,Why cut the foot,Sore just fine。
“interesting。”A smile appeared on Mo Xiaosheng’s face,Glancing at the baggage in front of the eight-character Hu。
“Mr,You see the doorway is coming?”Li Zhen hurriedly asked。
“Killed!Killed!madman!madman!Run away!”
Li Zhen’s voice just fell,I just listened to a sudden scream next to me,Then a man with blood on his face quickly ran past the crowd。
After everyone saw his appearance, they couldn’t help but take a breath,Because a large part of his face is gone,With bare gums and teeth,Terrifying。
He just ran over,A person ran behind him immediately,Weird hand and foot posture,Distorted expression,Bulging eyes,Open mouth,Mouthful of blood,A wild roar in his throat,“Kill you!Kill you!”
Everyone shivered with fright,This crazy and hideous look,Like the zombies in European and American TV series!

Mo Xiaosheng didn’t say a word,Looking at the direction in which Lao Zhang’s head was lifted, he was stunned。

“ink,what happened to you?”Annie asked him curiously。
“nothing。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Look at Li Zhen and say calmly,“Brother Li,Someone nearby will come to see the doctor,Just tell them,We are here,Health only,Do not see a doctor。”
“All right,That’s it。This group of people is just a bunch of grass,Always only look at your own interests。”Li Zhen nodded,Speaking angrily。
It’s not that Mo Xiaosheng is cold-blooded,It’s just that he doesn’t want to go,He opened a health club,Not a medical clinic,No medical certificate。Once something happens,Not only will something happen to yourself,And also implicate my family。What’s more, these people are not worth his risk。
“ink,I am leaving Heyang tomorrow,Thank you for allowing me to see the wonderfulness of Chinese medicine,Gave me a new understanding of Chinese medicine。”
Annie’s tone suddenly became softer,The smiling Chongmo Xiaosheng stretched out his hand,Then added:“But I still think,Western medicine is better。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled helplessly,Then stretched out and shook her weak boneless jade hand,Said without giving up:“Come to Japan,We will see later。”
“do not worry,I will come back again。”Annie puts on sunglasses,“I believe it won’t take long,We will meet again。”
Because of work,Annie often runs to China,But for some reason,I’m going to part with Mo Xiaosheng soon,There was a trace of reluctance in her heart。
This feeling is strange to her,Before,Self-reliant and self-reliant, she has never had this feeling for anyone,Even to my parents。
But today I don’t know why,She actually has the urge to stay for a few more days,Because the man in front of you,It’s amazing,The touch with her is too big。
But there is still a lot of work in the medical association waiting for her to handle it,She can’t stay any longer。

Murong Shan also smiled and persuaded Shen Ruoxi。

In fact, Shen Ruoxi can also think of these principles,Just care is messy,Shen Ruoxue is her sister after all,Don’t worry, it’s absolutely impossible。
Talking about Yang Shiyun“Bet”Brought the two little monsters into the dormitory,Then walked to them and stopped,Holding both arms and looking at them coldly。
“sister……Can you not look at us like this!Your eyes,Very scary!My hair stands up。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a guilty conscience。
“Tut tut,When you are still scared?Rare!”
Yang Shiyun said quietly。
Liu Xiaoyun is embarrassed,Shen Ruoxue didn’t even dare to say anything。
“Speak,How do you two bully the girls at home??Why even Yanzi,You two older sisters are so afraid of you two?”
Yang Shiyun calmed down and said to Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue。
“We really don’t……”
Liu Xiaoyun said embarrassingly。
“Dare you say one more thing!”
Yang Shiyun’s eyes widened again!“We just get close to everyone occasionally……”
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Qin Liang gave a serious introduction to Yanzi,Because Yanzi’s current military rank,Better than Yang Zhi,He doesn’t want everyone to look down on her。

“Oh oh……”
Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan nodded and agreed,Swallow“Special Forces Killer”This title made them both involuntarily intimidated。
“I won’t introduce the other four,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun, I believe you all are familiar with it,But what I want to remind you is;The two of them are different now,So you better not mess with them,Don’t find me if you get beaten。”
Qin Liang gave a big blow to Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun。
From the moment Yang Zhi saw Shen Ruoxue,Just persuaded,Now hide in the crowd without saying a word,Only occasionally took a peek at Shen Ruoxue。
“Yang Zhi,come out,Didn’t you just yelling to see the girls’ faces??Come come,Come here,This is clear。”
Qin Liang didn’t want to let him go,So now beckon him over。
“I do not watch……I am a good person……”
Yang Zhi can’t wait to find a seam to get in。
“Shen Ruoxue。”
Qin Liang suddenly called out Xiaoxue’s name out loud。
Shen Ruoxue replied cleanly and crisply。

Shen Ruoxue said dubiously。

“I have a hasty,When did your brother-in-law lie to you??Depends on what you said,I don’t like to listen anymore。”
Qin Liang put a smile on purpose and said。
“Alright alright,Count me wrong,Think about it tonight,Then tell me tomorrow。”
Shen Ruoxue hurriedly changed her mouth,Can’t wait to tell Qin Liang。
“Is there any reward after I said it??”
Qin Liang suddenly asked again……
“what!You have to reward this!”
Shen Ruoxue asked, her eyes widened in disbelief。
“Of course!I have a hasty,It takes a lot of brainstorming to think about problems, OK??Don’t you know that a lot of brain cells will die??You thought I closed my eyes,Can you figure it out immediately?Where is so easy!”
Qin Liang’s serious answer。
“You are almost done!Why keep teasing her?She is your sister-in-law,Can you tease her so endlessly??”
Finally Shen Ruoxi couldn’t listen anymore,Can’t help but blame Qin Liangdao。
“Ha ha,OK OK,I won’t tease her anymore。”
Qin Liang just smiled bitterly and stopped。
“Okay brother-in-law!So you are teasing me again!I actually believe you!”

“Let her go,Let her go through the formalities for me。”

Du Xiaoyan opened her mouth to stop her two companions,After all, adopting Xiaoru is the most important thing,As for this woman,Isn’t it something that can be done easily anytime to clean up her?。
So ten minutes later,Du Xiaoyan’s adoption of Li Yanru was done smoothly,From this moment,Xiaoru officially became Du Xiaoyan’s daughter!
“you……What do you want me to do?As long as i can do,I do all!As long as you let me go this time!Please,I really know what I did wrong!”
That woman is still begging Du Xiaoyan。
“Then tell me;What did you do wrong?”
Du Xiaoyan’s anger has disappeared a lot,After all, the most important thing has been done,Compared with the punishment of this woman,Adopting Xiaoru is more important。
“I shouldn’t take my hatred towards the little third child who ruined my family,Transfer to Xiaoru’s body,in fact……Actually there is a reason,Because of Xiao Ru’s appearance,Very similar to that woman……and so……That’s why I can’t help but hate Xiaoru!”
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety six Grow up in one go
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety six Grow up in one go

Peng Changyi took out two thousand yuan that he had prepared in advance,Said:“Mayor Xu and I are friends,He is good,This is my personal mind,I came today also in my own name,Does not represent the organization。”

Listening to Peng Changyi’s words about Old Xu,The woman doesn’t say anything anymore,Tears came out,My son’s eye circles are also red,The young man turned his back quietly。
“Calculate,Why not count?He was sacrificed on the front line,Of course to count!”Peng Changyi said firmly。
Peng Changyi said again:“Young man,If you have any difficulties in the future, just ask me,I am your uncle,do you know?”
Peng Changyi’s eyes are moist,He quickly got into the car,Can’t bear to see the tears of mother and son and their expressions when they forcibly suppress pain,He made up his mind secretly,Must try to solve some practical problems for Xu Deqiang,Death cannot be resurrected,But at least it makes the living people feel better。
Peng Changyi did not get off,Because there are still tears in his eyes,He nodded to Qixiang,Just wave goodbye to him。
Peng Changyi wiped his eyes,It is said that he has no friendship with Xu Deqiang,The main reason for his sadness is the unfulfilled tragic towards Xu Deqiang and the sadness he showed at the last moment.,And their conversation in the middle of the night。He said many thoughtful things to his successor Peng Changyi,This played a very good role for the later Peng Changyi to carry out his work in a targeted manner.。
“Magistrate Peng,Busy working,Did you come or I sent a car to pick you up?”
“Hi,How can you do this,Why go home?”
“How could this be?These three sources are too interesting,Then don’t go home either,come here,I have rooms here,Give you a big suite,Can rest and work,how about it?”
Director Ji said quickly:“The local people must not do,Because we are not business,But the local Chief Peng can,I didn’t joking with you,I can really solve it for you where I live,Don’t live on the place,Conditions are not OK,Unless you bring your family,this place,Too poor。”
“Really okay,When you are here, our brothers can still fight wine。”
“I said what happened to you,Wasn’t this character before,I count now,It will count more in the future,Don’t you understand this truth??”