The key is that I didn’t get hurt when I jumped down!

At the moment of landing,Huang Lei feels like there is some kind of strength in his body,Did not fall directly,The legs are not subject to recoil force,Just so gently,Like a feather,When landing, even Huang Lei felt a little nervous。
There is no time for him to think too much,Anyway, the most important thing for him at this time is to keep up,Catch up with that person first,To find out who the other party is,Dare to come here to make trouble,Is it a peaked cap?
Soon Huang Lei dismissed such an idea。
The peaked cap never dare to come again。
What happened last time not only frightened him, but he also collected money,No matter from which aspect, it is impossible for the other party to shoot again at this time。
If it’s not a peaked cap,Then only one other person will suddenly appear in this place,Seems to make sense,This is the site of Bai of Song and Zhang Bai。
Even if there are many doubts in my heart,But so far it seems there is no way to see more things,What Huang Lei can do now is really limited,If it weren’t for this moment, I suddenly felt that someone was following him again,What makes Huang Lei feel a little nervous……
He really thought this thing would go smoothly,It’s different now,The situation is getting worse now。
There is a person in front and there is another person behind,This means that the situation at this time is quite special。
Huang Lei didn’t even dare to continue。
He has to find a place to hide himself first,Wait for the opportunity to make another move,In this situation, there is no other choice,Even Huang Lei is a great person,I’m afraid it will be bad luck at this time,Not to mention how good he is,In this situation he can only protect himself first,Wait for an opportunity。
The person who followed him behind soon appeared,Then you can see the other person’s shadow in less than five meters in front of Huang Lei,But there is no way to see exactly what the other person looks like。
This is the suburb,Although there are street lights around,It’s too far to be more than 30 meters away,Is the reason behind the light,Can’t see clearly what the other person looks like,Just when Huang Lei was about to sneak in,The moment I shot this person,Then finally stopped。
This person’s back is very thin,From left to right, it looks like an acquaintance。
Huang Lei felt there was a problem at this time,Sure enough, Huang Lei quietly approached each other,See each other from the side。。
On the one hand, you can protect yourself,Keep a distance,Even if you are not the opponent of the other party, you can retreat early,I got close to the opponent in such a situation,Then I can see clearly that the other party is actually an iron fence!
This makes Huang Lei a little puzzled。

It’s all people who follow this rock gambling to decide how to drive,Then how to drive。

Precisely because of this,Hear this,This robbed man,Hesitated a few times,Pointed in a very sharp direction,Motioned to let the master cut open。
Because of this direction,Even if it’s the best jade,Will not destroy the value of this rough stone。
Brush up!!!Booted knife,Cut off the rough stone。
Many people around,Come up now,Staring at the rough,Want to see,This rough,Can you cut out valuable jade?。
Don’t know who it is,See the water flowing out of this cut,Suddenly shouted。
in fact,Don’t need this person to shout。
Few people close,Including this Liu Jin who grabbed the rough stone,Also know green。
just,This has not been fully cut,Not sure,So I’m still holding my breath。
Click!at this time,Where the rough stone was cut is exposed。
And the cut master,At this moment, rinse the cut position of the rough stone with water。
then,One side is extremely emerald green,The emerald face like a mirror appeared in front of everyone。
“Ah ah ah!!!”


An editor directly agreed:“I said the same!The drama is full of emotions,Make people feel more empathetic。《Gift in Room 7》And no special effects,It all depends on the story to attract people。If it is for the audience to enjoy the performances of drama artists on the spot,It must be more exciting than the movie!”
“I’m afraid I dare not watch。”The female editor who spoke at the beginning,Very resentful:“Just read the text,I can’t cry anymore!I’m afraid you need someone to accompany you to go to the movie,Where dare to watch a drama?”
Several people are discussing here,It opened a new door for Shen Huan。
Yes indeed!
Previous life“Happy twist”movie of,Basically it was adapted from their drama,And the effect is very good,Usually the drama is popular and then the movie is popular。
《Gift in Room 7》Can do that too!
First come to the whole country100Theater tour,Then make a movie!
“Ding Dong!”
“Great system that is smart and understanding,Discover an opportunity to further spread the reputation of weak chicken hosts!Special task!”
“Within a year,The host needs to plagiarize《Gift in Room 7》Put on the stage,Face the audience and start the show!”
“As long as the relevant popularity requirements are met,Then the system will give a mysterious reward,Will definitely satisfy the public host!”
Shen Huan heard this task,The first reaction is to become angry。
Good master,I said you are enough!
You keep reminding me of plagiarism、Wen Chao Gong,I’m shameless?

The key is,And even talked about love with Gu Qiao。

If it weren’t for the occasional reminder of a slight increase in system favorability,He almost forgot the existence of the system,The system’s favorability has been increasing slowly these days,Lu Ban found out that he originally thought that his friendship would be easier to improve after falling in love,But I didn’t expect it to be more difficult?
So many days have passed,Can reach57Favorability。
Get the next skill reward,Far away。
“Did you forget that we will meet next week?”Gu Qiao pursed his lips and glanced at him。
Lu Ban was startled,Only then did I remember the recording of a romantic house。
“amount……No,I just feel like meeting you under the camera,Not comfortable meeting。”
“Have it?”
“have it。”
“I feel very good。”
Lu Ban speechless,Can this be the same?
There are still ads in the show,Have you ever seen couples holding a bottle of milk to each other,I will also talk about the benefits of drinking this brand of milk in the last paragraph?
I have to boast inadvertently after drinking,This milk is delicious。
Delicious chicken!
Gu Qiao seems to be thinking about something,Then said:“Do you think we get along,What’s different about recorded programs?”
Ban Lu thought for two seconds。

At the beginning, Liu Rushi refused to let Qin Liang see her body in underwear.,And left Ouya angrily,Finally……Not only was Qin Liang seen wearing underwear,Qin Liang saw even wearing nothing on his body,Not only seen by him,Also kissed by him,Touched……

“I knew it,Why bother,Ha ha。”
Thought of this,Qin Liangqing couldn’t help but sigh with emotion。
“What did you whisper about that?”
Liu Rushi came over with a cup of coffee。Curiously asked。
“Oh oh,I’m talking:I knew you were so capable,I was tied,I want to tie you to the company。”
Qin Liang is talking,Didn’t take that cup of coffee,Instead, he stretched out two hands and hugged Liu Rushi。
“Hey!Don’t make trouble!coffee!Be careful not to knock over!”
Liu Rushi screamed immediately。
“Ha ha,Silly girl,I don’t want to drink coffee。”
Qin Liang had to take the coffee,And put it on Liu Rushi’s desk,And hugged her again。
“Don’t you like coffee?Then what do you want to drink?There is still wine and drinks in the refrigerator,I’ll get you what you drink。”
Liu Rushi continued to keep calm and said,As long as Ouya is a president-level office,Various configurations are imitated by Shen Ruoxi’s office,So there are some in Shen Ruoxi’s office,There are almost all in Liu Rushi’s office,After all, her executive level in the company is also at the vice president level.。
“I just want to drink you now。”

Peng Changyi said:“It must not look good,Black and autumn,But it will be delicious。”

“I can also burn and eat like this from now on。”
“Can’t,Only fresh flowers are delicious。”
“Oh,And this particular?”
“Of course,There are too many things you don’t know。”
At this moment,Just listen to the village party secretary calling them to eat,Peng Changyi said:“All right,right away。”He said,Took a stick,Pulling in the stove that has already been turned off,Immediately,The black oval black balls are pulled out one by one,Peng Changyi picked up one,Blowing with your mouth,Break apart,Inside is white peanuts exuding alluring fragrance。He said:“You can eat it yourself,My hands are black。”
Ding one open hand,Peng Changyi put the broken peanuts in her palm,I just touched her palm,She shook her hand when it was hot,Peanuts just fell to the ground,Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“What are you hiding?”
Ding Yi said:“Too hot。”
“Ha ha,To eat,Should not be afraid of injury。”
Ding Yi smiled and squatted down,Pick up the peanuts that fell on the ground,The peanuts inside didn’t fall out,She put it under her nose and smelled it,Said:“Smells so good,I have never smelled this scent。”Talking,Just put those two white peanut kernels in your mouth,Said:“delicious,Much better than usual。”
Zou Zijie came to them,Said:“in fact,This is the original taste of peanuts,Our ancestors cooked food like this before eating,Boiled peanuts pickled with seasoning,It’s definitely not as good as roasting peanuts。”
He squatted down,Peng Changyi’s roasted peanuts,Pick up one by one,Put it in a leaf folded box,Said:“Let’s go,Go and eat。”
Peng Changyi stand up,I peeled one off myself,have eaten。He saw Ding Yi looked,Bent down and picked up another,Peel off,Put it in his hands。
Ding Yi said repeatedly:“good to eat。”
Zou Zijie said:“Delicious,After eating,I’ll get some more,I’ll cook some for you to take home。”
“Row。”Ding Yi said cheerfully。
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Humph,You’re welcome。”
First70chapter I bumped into my wife Hong Xing

What other secret is that?,These little girls,Babble,Sounds so tired,Guess my heart is more tired!

“Can you stop talking about me?……Really。”
Shen Ruoxue sees that Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun’s topics are always turning on her body,She didn’t even know what to say,And what I said was something that made me embarrassed,So I had to speak to stop the topic from continuing。
“OK OK,We won’t talk,Ready to eat grilled fish。”
Qin Liang stopped talking immediately,Leading everyone to the grilled fish rack……
Three days later in the afternoon,Qin Liang and others returned to Haishang from the tourist destination,After breaking up with Yang Zhi and others,Qin Liang returned home with his three daughters。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun opened the door first and entered the house,And ran upstairs,They are anxious to change clothes,Take a bath,So I don’t care about anything。
“I’m tired of playing this trip……I decided to enter the rest period。”
This is the first sentence Shen Ruoxi said after entering the house……
“Ha ha,Dear wife,Are you always in the rest period??”
Qin Liang, who walked into the house with her, said dumbly。
“who said it?I learned to cook at home,Do housework。”
Shen Ruoxi is obviously not convinced。
“Please,Then can you learn how to give me a baby??”
Qin Liang immediately countered。
“That one……No need to learn……As if……After that……There will be naturally。”

“Yep,Well,With her two aunts,No one can bully her,It’s good for them not to bully others,Ha ha。”

Murong Shan said with satisfaction。
“Can I apply to stop drinking??My stomach is limited,I really can’t drink such a big bowl of soup,and……Can I apply for a piece of ribs?Go together。”
Du Shanshan suddenly said pitifully。
“Hahahaha……Are you abusing her like this?Only let her drink soup,You eat meat?”
Qin Liang smiled immediately。
“You know a fart,Stay aside,Don’t be here to provoke us。”
Shen Ruoxi smiled and gently pushed Qin Liang away two steps。
“Say,Can it be in my face,Make an exception and give her a piece of ribs?There should be nothing wrong together, right??”
Qin kindly discussed with the two little nurses。
“Can eat two yuan。”
The little nurse nodded,She approved Du Shanshan’s request。
“Thank you!thank you so much!”
Du Shanshan immediately smiled into a flower!
A big pot of ribs was brought,Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi carefully selected two big ribs with the best meat,Carefully remove all the meat from Du Shanshan,Then he personally fed small pieces into her mouth,That scene is not too warm!Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun,Yanzi and Luna can’t help but swallow……
“Don’t waste the rest,Let’s share and eat,Don’t keep it for Shanshan,Bought a lot,Make her a new one tomorrow。”

Qin Liang secretly thought,Heart is broken,But the feeling of being molested,Pretty good。

“I don’t care anyway,Since you saved me,Be saved to the end。”
Murong Shan is a pretty smart woman,And knows the skills of dealing with men。
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Chapter 418 Liu Xia Hui
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Liu Xia Hui
She knows the right moment,Know when to say what not to say,I also know when to act like a baby with a man is most effective。
really,Qin Liang was so tricked by her,I’m embarrassed to say it if I want to find excuses and reasons。
“Get,you win……I’ll sleep with you in this bedroom。”
finally,Qin Liang compromised,What can I do without compromise,I’m afraid I can leave it alone。
If another girl asks Qin Liang like this,Qin Liang is so beautiful,But Murong Shan is different,Qin Liang knows the power of this woman,Once I had that kind of close relationship with her,I’m afraid I can’t get out of my body anymore,By the time I can’t make it right and Shen Ruoxi will have to fight,So he always tried to avoid any overly intimate behavior with Murong Shan。
Except today……Because today is indeed a special situation,And he is not going to have any relationship,Just protect it。
“Then thank you,His father,Ha ha。”

“Mrs. Wang,Many people can prove that my son was involved in your auction.,how,Don’t you give me an explanation?”

Living room,Wang Lianzhi sitting on the sofa,Behind him is a young man sitting on the side of Zhao’s bodyguard,Wearing a black suit,A bunch of people standing behind。
“Since it can be proved that he is here to participate in our auction,That can definitely prove what your master Shao did in the restaurant, right?!”Wang Lianzhi is not weak,Look up at each other,Asked coldly:“Don’t talk about anything else,To be rude to my chairman,How should this be?”
In a few words,The man in the black suit was stunned.,Almost pissed off。
Of course he inquired about the situation,It is indeed Shao Guanghui’s problem,But now no one can find it,this is the key of the problem。
“Humph,Don’t quibble here,My master is at fault,That should go through normal procedures,Unexpectedly, you dare to kill people behind their backs,Damn it。”
Men in suits are not vegetarian,When he came up, he buckled the shit basin on Zhao’s head。
“I tell you,in three days,Hand over Zhao Shaojiu and the hands-on kid,I can plead with the owner,Leave you a way out,Otherwise at your own risk。”
“I see who dares?”
The man just finished speaking,There was a sound from outside,Wang Lianzhi’s eyes lit up。
The person here is naturally Zhao Shaojiu and others,The woman at this time has already changed her dress,Still looks like a female president,With a lonely aura,Just listening to the sound can make people think about it,Let alone after seeing people。
The man in the suit couldn’t help swallowing and spitting,The head is spinning fast,Have other ideas:“Who are you?”
Zhao Shao and Jiu Li ignored each other,Walk directly towards Wang Lianzhi:“Big sister,They didn’t treat you like?”
“Nothing!”Wang Lianzhi shook his head,Say don’t worry about yourself。
All over the world,There are many people who dare to ignore him,But definitely not in a small place like Bencheng,The man in a suit feels that his dignity is greatly insulted,Especially in front of such a beauty。
“Made,Don’t understand people?,Who is your special code??”
“Black tiger!”Zhao Shaojiu needs no words,Just called the black tiger’s name。