Wang Dong’s eyes looked at Qianyu, who was staring at him.,My face is getting hotter……

Out channel“That big dad,Second dad,You guys keep talking,I’ll change my clothes first…”
After speaking,Then quickly turned around and ran away……
At this moment,Titan turned around,Raised eyebrows“So you are Xiao Dong’er’s roommate,The freshman was assessed on Qianyu who overturned a team by one person”
Niu Tian stared at him,“Titan,Pay attention to the tone of speech”
The opening is dry and dry,If you say that outside,Haotianzong’s face will be lost by him……
Titan scratched his head,Said with a smile“Hehe,Big brother,I am not excited”
After Niu Tian taught the Titans a few times,Looking at Qianyu Road seriously“About Wuhun,Titan and I don’t understand much,and so,Can’t help you”
He and Titan were originally two hundred thousand year soul beasts,After being resurrected and transformed into a human being, he has been guarding the Clear Sky School all year round,Almost ignorant of these things……
Qianyu frowned,Again“Two overlords,Tang San before I remember it as a god,The first Wuhun is also Blue Silver Grass,And has undergone an evolution,and so……”
“Hope you guys can tell me how to evolve blue silver grass!!”
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Six Absolute rule(Subscribe)
suddenly,The eyes of Niu Tian and Titan became cold,“Is this your goal at the beginning??”
How can he be sure that he has a solution to Clear Sky School?

Chen Sisi sees everyone,When I heard that the other party was Zhao Shao’s person,Left in an instant。

I thought I was saved,Turned pale in an instant。
“Humph!Don’t go?
“Don’t you leave and wait for death??”
“I tell you,Chick,You can be tainted by Zhao Shao’s men,That is your blessing。”
“Yes,We are the first person under Zhao Shao’s!”
Scar heard this,Also followed。
As for who Shao Zhao is,Chen Sisi didn’t even know。
Hear the conversation between the two,Chen Si thought of his own identity,Anxious:“You let me go,I’m from the Chen family,If you dare to move me,The Chen family won’t let you go。”
“Killing me,just you,Return the Chen family?”
“If you are from the Chen family,I’m still from the Lin family!”
“Brother is right,Chen family,There are bodyguards when going out,You go out,Nothing,just you,Still want to lie to me?
Do you treat us as fools?”
“All right,Stop arguing。”

The prince brought back the fountain of immortality for his old king father。

Fooling the undead this is?
Still immortal fountain,Before the well of eternity exploded, she licked her face and said that she was the fountain of immortality, Queen Azshara and blushed.,What good things can Arthas find in the snow and ice of Northrend?
Just by this news,Carlos can basically judge,Something happened to Alsace。
But Lordaeron,Terenas.Menethil II at the end of life,Only his son in the eyes,Only the eternity of the kingship is in my mind。
Yes,The old father-in-law Terenas did say that there is no eternal discourse about kingship.。
But beautiful words are easy to say,Beautiful things are hard to do。
Summon all lords to gather in Lordaeron,Terenas wants to crown his son。
Is this for someone to bring to the door??
Terenas, who has run out of oil, is not dizzy in this decision,But very independent。
The gods are not weak to the Alliance of Lordaeron,After the tragic second orc war,Good weather for eighteen years,The land of Lordaeron at this time is vibrant。
But beauty itself is used to care and trample。
Carlos wants to take care of all this hard-won,The Lich King wanted to trample under his feet to promote power。
All this is not contradictory。
Really makes Carlos uncomfortable,Is Terenas’ emissary。

“If they say they want to meet,I’ll set the time by myself。”

“Ok!You go first。”
“Let me sort out what I have on hand。”
Are planning to leave Ganghwa。
Lin Yu,Of course,First thing on hand,Turn out,Let Zhao Long see。
In this case,After I leave,Zhao Long will take over the company。
Liang Yi at the door。
Look around,Walked towards the bathroom。
Somewhere else,Crowded,Not the place to call。
Went into the bathroom,Just call quickly。
“I thought you never called us?”
Over the phone,There was a very angry female voice。
Who is this person,It’s Liang Yi’s mother。
of course,The reason why,Also because of Liang Yi,Blacked out his mobile phone number,then,Hiding from that rich old man all day。
No matter how you call,Can’t get through。
“mom!!Didn’t I call you??”

This shows that he does not want to be a villain,Complain everywhere“Lightning boy”。

After all, he also uses this platform,Only to be appreciated by Shen Huan,Thus having this opportunity。
Shen Huan listened very happy,At least I was not a white-eyed wolf,What will happen to me in the future,Maybe Jian Peng will help。
Bah bah bah bah!
What do you think?
How can a widow be in trouble?
This is visible,Are they all my country?!
At night,We welcome guests again at home。
Here is Fan Dan, the vice president of Huajing Opera。
She also brought two Huajing roast ducks that were vacuumed.。
Li is less affectionate,When I came to visit, I knew to bring souvenirs,I must have this respect in my heart。
Fan Dan definitely respects Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
Before the Spring Festival,She found Shen Huan through Zhu Mei’s relationship,Let the Huajing Opera Theater get it《Gift in Room 7》Drama adaptation rights。
Through months of rehearsal and preparation,6Time of month,《Gift in Room 7》Performed a national performance。
I was in Huajing at the beginning,I was only going to play10day,Because the screening was so good,The director of the theater decides to perform30I’ll talk about it。
But this decision was seriously protested by audiences everywhere who had bought tickets before.。
You said it’s time to come,But Huajing wasted time,How does this work?
no way。

Mei Sanniang was stunned,Then immediately thought of Li Chenfeng’s intentions。

“General,what do you mean,The Qin army who wants to include those who are not in the Qin area?”
Li Chenfeng nodded。
“These soldiers except for the elite Meng Gao who came from Qin District,Most of the others are young men forced from the conquered land,Many of them are still the people of Wei State,There shouldn’t be any difficulty in including them。”
Sanniang Mei nodded,This is a good choice,Even if you can’t really believe these people,It’s also good to use as cannon fodder。
Although Qin’s territory has more than doubled,But many of them have been conquered for less than 20 years,Many of them are still attached to their homeland in their hearts,I don’t feel much attached to Qin,Especially Hadong County、The three counties of Sanchuan County and East County,Seventy of them are the land of the Wei Dynasty,Zhao Guo、Korea and even Eastern Zhou、Weiguo and other small nations,Li Chenfeng believes,As long as I can defeat Qin Jun,Then these people will definitely fall to their side without hesitation。
You know that King Qin unified the country for decades,But in the end, I didn’t get a shout,Followers gathered?
Homeland is hard to leave,Unforgettable homeland,This is for the land of China that has been divided for hundreds of thousands of years,Is something deeply embedded in the bone。
The problem that Qin Shihuang faced after unifying the country,It is also a problem Li Chenfeng may face in the future。But now,But it’s something he can use。
As for the real Qin people who came out of Qin,What awaits them may be a big pit in a valley outside the city……
Bai Qi once killed the four hundred thousand army of Zhao Guo,Accomplished his reputation as a peerless killer。Can it be said that Zhao Guo has never killed soldiers from other countries??
Mijeong,Killed five thousand Zheng Jun in the pit of Broken Soul Valley outside Xinzheng City,Wei Guohe Qi、Chu Partition of Song Kingdom,How many soldiers of Song Dynasty were killed by the Three Kingdoms?
This kind of thing,In fact, it was not uncommon during the Warring States Period,This is also the reason why people in various countries have so much hatred。
Because in this era of sweeping the floor,almost,People in every country once had their hands stained with the blood of the other country!

NBAThe youngest in history80Mr. Fen!

He just20year old!
Even if this is his peak period coming early,But according toNBAInfer the golden age of the players,Xu Xuan has at least ten years of peak!
I got a big slot!
ten years?
That is the growth of a generation!
Is Xu Xuan going to rule the next ten years?
Thought of here,Xuanhei unconsciously fell into the despair of fantasy.
After shower。
Xu Xuan appeared at the press conference after the game!
All the reporters are waiting to interview him,Xu Xuan ruled the court tonight!!
“Xu,You broke Bryant’s record tonight,Got a career high82Minute,What’s your mood now。”
ESPNThe big wave of white glasses female reporter looked at Xu Xi and said。
“I am very happy,Kobe is my idol!I am excited about it!”
On the court,Being low-key is Xu Xuan’s style。
That big wave female reporter was very dissatisfied with Xu Xuan’s answer,The answer is calm,No bright spot。
But the female reporter still cast a wink at Xu Xuan,Hope to get a response from this guy。

“Yuanzi, you have this idea,I support,But I don’t know if you can adapt to the job in the store,or……Let’s try it today?”

“If Yuanzi you can do this job,I am very welcome,If you can’t adapt,You can also consider some leisure work。”
“what do you think?”
From the heart,Lin En doesn’t want Yuanzi to work in the shop。
He and Xiaolan are enough,Add another garden,As a light bulb?
Can be Xiaolan’s best girlfriend,The importance of the garden is beyond doubt,Not only can Lynn not offend her,Instead, she has to maintain her favorability at a high level。
No way,Lynn can only nod his head in praise against his will,And made his own suggestions。
Although I don’t think Yuanzi is really capable of working in a coffee shop,But I always give people a chance, right??
“Don’t worry Lynn,I will be able to do this job!Will never disappoint you!”
Yuanzi didn’t hear the subtext in Linn’s mouth。
I heard that I can stay with the male god,She is cheered up,It’s like a raging flame ignited behind。
“Xiaolan!Let us work hard together!”
Not only that,Yuanzi grabbed Xiaolan beside him,It’s like conveying this determination to struggle to friends。
“Eh?Oh……Come on……”
By friends‘Raid’,Xiaolan still looks inexplicable。
Good end,Why suddenly Yuanzi became a part-time partner?
This change is too fast?

“Damn!Make a move!Forget it!”Stockton was originally going to put the pot,Oh no,It’s the ball to Malone,But Big Ben was prepared,Just step forward and jam Malone’s receiving route。The crowded penalty area is not only uncomfortable for O’Neill,Karl Malone is equally uncomfortable!

Stockton raised his left hand,Elbow against Bowen’s waist,Take advantage of the momentum!
“hiss!”Bowen took a breath,This elbow avoid or not avoid?Avoid,Then Stockton has plenty of shooting space,As a white point guard,Stockton’s shooting is very trustworthy。
Not avoid,Then this one elbow to the waist,I’m afraid it will make Bowen urinate the next day!
The wretched Bowen still chose to avoid his edge,Step back。
“what!Rookie is rookie!”Stockton sneered secretly when he saw this,Then bounced up,Throw the ball!
Bowen panicked,Towards Stockton,Raising his hand but not jumping,His defense did not interfere with Stockton at all。
“young!”Stockton spit out,When I fell, I found that the sole of my foot was not on the floor!
“No way?Is it?”Kobe’s eyes widened。
“Huh!”Goal in,All the players who turned around to grab the board failed to return。
“what!”Stockton hugged his ankle and fell to the ground,Tumbling,Exhale in pain。
Bowen is innocent!
He stared blankly at the referee,As if not knowing what happened。
Referee Bill Kennedy is also a little confused。
He saw Stockton’s little movements,But after all, he is a veteran star,Bully rookie,I still have to give this face。
But how are you bullying?,Stockton was lying on the ground?
Everyone in the room can’t figure it out,Only Kobe looked at Bowen’s foot。
The black foot that abolished countless talented stars。

The purple full body Susano appeared on Sasuke’s body。

Naruto, who had recovered, stood up from the ground,Holding the hand of transgender Sasuke,The two looked at the Suzano summoned by the mechanical Sasuke in front of them,Shout at the same time:“Wei Zhuang·Susanoh!”
The pink armor envelops Naruto who has turned into a beast。
Looking at the pink armor on my body,Kyuubi is actually quite resistant。
“Let’s go,Naruto。”
Transgender Sasuke held Naruto’s hand backhand and said。
“Yan Dun·Add earth life!”
Suzano of Mechanical Sasuke put up a black flame arrow on the bow and arrow,Shot at Naruto。
Kyuubi drew out the pink Susanoh’s long sword,Cut the shot black flame arrow in half,Step on the ground at the same time,After a short charge, rushed towards the sky above,At the same time, two large pink wings grew behind Kyuubi。
“Hand power!”
Mecha Sasuke intends to swap the positions of himself and Naruto through the strength of the hand。
“Hand power!”
Transgender Sasuke immediately followed the mechanical Sasuke’s ability to use his reincarnation eyes,Once again changed the positions of both sides。
In the end, Naruto’s Machete Susa was still slashed on the body of Mechanical Sasuke’s Susa.,Knocked the mechanical Sasuke from the air to the ground。
“data analysis.Earth Booming Star!”