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String beans are also called beans in the north. They are a common food on the daily table, but they are also a high-risk food because if they are eaten without cooking, they can cause poisoning.

So what can cause green bean poisoning?

Let’s take a closer look at it!

Symptoms of string bean poisoning The incubation period of string bean poisoning generally does not exceed 5 hours, with a span ranging from tens of minutes to dozens of hours.

The symptoms of kidney bean poisoning are mainly nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Acute vomiting may cause a small amount of gastrointestinal bleeding, and a few cases have complications such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and hyperactive bowel sounds.

At the same time accompanied by headache, dizziness, cold sweats and other neurological symptoms.

Sometimes numbness in the limbs, burning in the stomach, palpitation and back pain.

The course of the disease is usually several hours or 1 to 2 days, and the disease is better.

Those who have deep symptoms of green bean poisoning need to be sent to hospital for treatment.

Reasons for string bean poisoning String beans are a vegetable that the general public likes to eat. The reason for poisoning string beans is mainly because they are not cooked and thoroughly cooked. Therefore, saponins, saponins, phospholipid egg autoenzyme inhibitors andToxic substances such as hemagglutinin will exert irritation to the mucosa and destroy red blood cells.

The erythrocyte agglutinin in the bean kernel has the function of agglutinating red blood cells.

If the green beans are not thoroughly heated during cooking, the toxin content of the beans will be destroyed, which will cause poisoning after consumption.

But sometimes we are eager to sell green beans. They are afraid to cook too much and become discolored and soft. If they do n’t taste well, we wo n’t cook them. This is the common reason for poisoning green beans.

Or stir fry a lot of green beans in a small pan, uneven stir fry can also lead to poisoning eating green beans.

Experts remind that long-term green beans will produce a large amount of nitrite, which will cause nitrite poisoning after consumption.

Therefore, we should not eat it for too long or the old green beans. Pick the two green beans and the pods, which are replaced by toxins, before cooking. The green beans do not look like any green, and they do n’t have a fishy smell.Toxins are basically absent and will not cause poisoning of green beans.

What to do if you eat green bean poisoning is actually the easiest way to prevent it. Do n’t eat too long or old green beans.

Before cooking, remove the two green beans and the pods from the toxin-containing areas, so that the green beans do not look green.

When cooking, remember to cook the whole green beans thoroughly, and the amount of each pot overlaps more than half of the pot capacity. After frying with oil, add an appropriate amount of water, add the pot lid for about 10 minutes, and use the shovel to continuously turn the seasonBeans, make it heated evenly.

In terms of treatment, there is currently no specific medicine for green bean poisoning.

Those with mild poisoning usually heal themselves after diarrhea, but need symptomatic treatment, such as vomiting, gastric lavage, diuretic and other detoxification measures. Do not take drugs on their own.

If the poisoning is severe, dehydration due to vomiting or hemolytic manifestations must be sent to the hospital for treatment.

Doctors will give symptomatic treatment to those who have severe vomiting or diarrhea. They can intravenously drip glucosamine and vitamin C to break down water and electrolytes and disturb the disorder, and promote the excretion of poisons.

When there is coagulation, low molecular dextran, heparin, etc. can be given.

There is also a pharmacy spread in the folk, which can be detoxified with licorice and mung bean fried into tea soup.